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Dan Rutherford and Nicole Carroll

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Dan Rutherford and Nicole Carroll

Description: My two favorite coaches show why they are one of the top American Rhythm couples in the nation
Date Added: January 11, 2004 11:29:12 AM
CategoryMember Galleries
Published by: ballroomboilergirl  [More photos from ballroomboilergirl]
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SDsalsaguy:January 12, 2004 1:08
Heya Courtney, in case you haven't come across it yet, [url=]here's another shot of your coaches[/url].

DancePoet:May 24, 2004 21:08
No, I don't believe it...that's really Courtney! ;)

Sakura:June 08, 2004 11:23
That's Dan! I've seen this picture on IBC's website, so where did you get this?! Do you take lessons at IBC as well? =^__^= He doesn't teach me, but he's cool! Jonah (you know him?) if my teacher. That's really cool, if you do get lessons at IBC. I would have to catch you there sometime!


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