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Just me...

Description: when you guys eventually come visit down under, you can spot me in the crowd!
Date Added: March 05, 2004 10:58:05 PM
Published by: salsachinita  [More photos from salsachinita]
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Jack:March 17, 2004 20:33

Jack:March 17, 2004 20:33
couldnt miss you in a crowd **

Jack:March 19, 2004 21:01
makes want to crank up the mustang and drive to australia

SDsalsaguy:March 20, 2004 2:42
[quote]makes want to crank up the mustang and drive to australia[/quote]
Mind if I hitch a ride? ;)

Genesius Redux:March 25, 2004 20:56
If I asked nicely, would you dance with me?

youngsta:May 01, 2004 20:50
Could we get an SUV or something a little bigger? :D


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