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Description: a salsa masquerade without my mask. Try dancing with wings.....!
Date Added: March 06, 2004 06:07:48 AM
Published by: salsachinita  [More photos from salsachinita]
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SDsalsaguy:March 06, 2004 19:18
Wings? You should try a [url=]wide brimmed pimp hat[/url]! :p

NeoDevin:March 13, 2009 15:21
She's much cuter in the wings than you are in the hat Jon. ;)

SDsalsaguy:March 07, 2004 8:38
No arguments from me Devin! :d

scorpionguy:March 13, 2009 15:21
See? I told you all I'm not a flirt! Is no one around to witness this???

Genesius Redux:June 19, 2004 3:15
Okay, that clinches it. I'm giving up my wicked ways and going to heaven.


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