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Porfirio and Laetitia

Date Added: April 12, 2004 11:42:16 AM
Published by: Porfirio Landeros  [More photos from Porfirio Landeros]
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SDsalsaguy:April 12, 2004 19:48
Lookin' good Porfirio! Where was this by the way?

Porfirio Landeros:April 12, 2004 22:37
Desert Classic... I guess the pic's getting close to a year old... I better get some more taken :-x

SDsalsaguy:April 12, 2004 22:45
I like that comp a lot. (y)

I'm surprised that more people don't go, but I guess that they're all heading over to NY. Oh well. That hotel has got to have just about the most fantastic lobby I've ever seen though... Wow!


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