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Luis (Salsa Brava) & I

Description: Yay! My 'trophy' dance
Date Added: May 09, 2004 02:48:54 AM
Published by: salsachinita  [More photos from salsachinita]
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youngsta:May 09, 2004 5:16
Showoff!! :)

scorpionguy:May 09, 2004 10:35
Great picture...but how tall are you Salsachinita? Either he's very short or you're taller than I imagined! :)

salsachinita:May 09, 2004 18:49
Ummmm.....I am not THAT tall being 165cm or there abouts. (5'5"?) But I am one of the taller salseras here......

youngsta:May 09, 2004 23:08
Nah, Luis is just a short dude!

squirrel:May 10, 2004 1:51
Man, I wich I could dance with the guy...!

Flat Shoes:May 10, 2004 13:27
Wow, that's a really small dude!


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