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Salsa in Jamaica!!!

Description: Me and my best friend inside the Jonkanoo Lounge located at the Hilton Hotel here in Jamaica. We've been salsaing for three years now and loving every second!! Check out the salsa scene in Jamaica at their new website:
Date Added: May 20, 2004 12:07:20 PM
Published by: jamaicanspice  [More photos from jamaicanspice]
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scorpionguy:May 20, 2004 19:38
Guys, I believe *the plan* needs to make an extra side trip to Jamaica as well! :)

SDsalsaguy:May 20, 2004 20:26
Don't you know it SG! (y)

DancePoet:May 24, 2004 19:33
Ayuh! (That's backwoods New England speak for "Yes") My vote is for adding Jamaica to what I think we should call The World Dance Tour.


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