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Put a smile on your face day at FAL!!

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Put a smile on your face day at FAL!!

Description: I just decided that I would do something different. I had a lousy night dancing and wanted a few laughs. I am getting many.
Date Added: September 01, 2004 07:55:41 AM
CategoryMember Galleries
Published by: Sagitta  [More photos from Sagitta]
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scorpionguy:September 01, 2004 12:07
ROTFLMAO! Sagitta you're a riot! You know it almost looks like a princes crown...and with your wonderful heritage you almost look like royalty! Did you get any dates yet?!?!? :tongue: ;)

MacMoto:September 02, 2004 4:17
You've certainly made me laugh! Any dancing photo? Give SD's purple hat a run for the money! :wink:

Vince A:September 02, 2004 7:02
I'm craking up, Virg . . . hey, the hat matches the shirt!!!!

peachexploration:September 02, 2004 20:11
Too funny! :d


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