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There was definitely coins on the floor.

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There was definitely coins on the floor.

Description: This young lady is smooth, sensual, and very gifted dancer. Love dancing with her. At cache, picture by trey of
Date Added: November 30, 2004 02:46:39 PM
Published by: borikensalsero  [More photos from borikensalsero]
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peachexploration:November 30, 2004 17:41
Nice picture. I like this one. Looks like both of you are having fun.

SDsalsaguy:November 30, 2004 17:42
I don't know exactly what it is, but she *looks* like she'd be smooth and fun! :)

borikensalsero:November 30, 2004 17:55
SD, this young lady is sooooo smooth it makes the snuggle bear seem rough! She is simply amazing! Such a great follow, feather light, extremely fun! Must be all those years of ballroom training! ;)

SDsalsaguy:November 30, 2004 19:59
Makes me want to dance with her! (...although I don't dance on2... :( )

jenn:November 30, 2004 20:33
nice pic! i like the aura of this one!

borikensalsero:December 01, 2004 7:46
SD, she she used to teach in texas, I'm betting she can dance on1 with no problems. :) I'll just have to ask her for you. :)

youngsta:December 02, 2004 20:32
Oh man, after that recommendation! :D

SDsalsaguy:December 02, 2004 23:09
Same here youngsta! And do check for me boriken. Man, talk about motivation to enact the first element of *the plan* . . . [sigh]

Twilight_Elena:May 05, 2005 1:52
Very cool! *makes note to dance with boriken asap*

Twilight Elena

DancePoet:May 09, 2005 16:52
Boriken, it looks like the two of you are very much enjoying your dance! :)


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