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Who Will Win the $5K @ the Mayan?

  1. Christian Olviedo

  2. Liz Lira

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  3. Alex DaSilva

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  4. Rony Medrano

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  5. Rico Bravo

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  6. Abel Pena

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  1. TemptressToo

    TemptressToo Member

    So is this competition over yet? I see they have revised their website prepping it to add the videos. They also added the judge's bios.
  2. aragonh

    aragonh New Member

    How did u do Steve in the competition??
  3. salsalawyer

    salsalawyer New Member

    ok the professional final rounds are coming!!

    Friday, May 13 Out of State International prelims, top three advance!

    Saturday, May 14, the Finals~~
  4. azzey

    azzey Member

    Some of the Mayan 2005 video clips are up!

    See 'Professional' section for the semi-finals.

    The amateur semi-finals and finals clips have been uploaded onto the site but have not yet been linked to the website front-end.

    Some of the amateurs this year look like pro's. Wow!
  5. aragonh

    aragonh New Member

    Ok I saw the performances.

    Right off the bat, Alex DeSilva and Rico Bravo should not win this. Both of them cannot stay on beat. It is very obvious with Alex. Sometimes hes stepping on 2.5, other times on 5. Bravo is not that bad but he still switches from 1, 3 & 5.

    I love Rony & Dinora, but I think theres is a little bit sloppy. If they clean up some stuff. They defintely could win.

    Of Liz Lira, there seem to be too much of an individual performance. The whole thing didnt flow well. There were too many "stops", not enough salsa. As one of Cachaos songs go "Quiero Mas Salsa que Pescao"

    So that leaves it off between Abel & Christian. Both of their performances were good. I got more into Christian's performance. Him and his partner were both smiling and having a good time. So I would give it to them.
  6. azzey

    azzey Member

    I thought Alex's various timings used throughout the performance (on 1 in the first section, on 3 in the second mostly, shines are on 3,5,7, last section on5 I think) expressed the music quite well and added variation. Is there anything in the rules or judging criteria that marks you down for timing?

    As for Rico it didn't look too bad, except for the tricks sections.
  7. TICA

    TICA New Member

    I'm saying

    Abel first

    Liz second

    Christian or Roney third

    [and their partners of course]
  8. TemptressToo

    TemptressToo Member

    My analysis as a dancer (and not specific to salsa--although I do dance salsa).

    Dinora & Rony--the routine was okay, nothing fabulous and the costuming was distracting.

    DaSilva & Karen--except for the slip (which isn't entirely the dancers fault), the rest of the routine was failry clean and original. I think I liked it the best despite the slip.

    Lira & Valencia--very nice routine and that never-ending spin was amazing. I got dizzy just watching.

    Cueva & Ovieda--loved the originality of the tango open...I liked the rest of the routine. My only complaint was the sloppiness of the salsera's arm styling. She did a lot of flinging about.

    Sanchez & Bravo--one Brownie point for being different, but subtract two Brownie points for corniness. I think they needed to do more dancing a less acting. And the "drumming on her butt" thing was stupid looking.

    Romano & Pena--I really liked the costuming and styling. Even the "Gasoline" clip was well done and on cue. My complaints include a sloppy second lunge (after the aeriel supported cartwheel) and a few balance checks by the lead at several crucial hold poses.

    That all said, I would have voted for DaSilva & Karen as first had they not had that slip. Second would have went to Romano & Pena. And third either Lira & Valencia or Cueva & Oviedo.
  9. aragonh

    aragonh New Member

    Alex is most obvious because there is no consistency. One of his first cross-bodies is on 2.5. I saw that right away and then I began to look closely at his footwork. I didnt count shines since that is the time to "descargar" and to be stylish, but then you should be able to step back on time. Alex lacked that consistency.

    There is a set of criteria for the judgin. However, each judge focuses on different aspects. If I were a judge, i would focus on timing. For that reason, I would score them low.
  10. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    Same here!!!! Amazing!!

    Abel & Sulmara: I LOVED these guys!!! Sulmara is incredibly sexy without being trashy! I loved her arm styling, her spins (stationary and travelling tornado) had great upright form without being stiff. The ever-difficult pot-stir was so fun to watch and the subsequent continuous counterclockwise spins were spectacular and sexy too, I liked the stops they did, very crisp (to my untrained eyes anyway). I also loved that one thing where Abel changed hands every couple of revolutions while he was spinning Sulmara. Overall, they looked like they were really enjoying themselves! Abel was very passionate and a good strong lead by all appearances. Good music too!

    Liz and Jose': THese two were great too, gotta agree with what I call "The Counterclockwise Spin of Death", just amazed how she kept that going without getting hopelessly dizzy, enjoyed the rest of it as well, the salsaa version of "Caravan" get's bonus points from me (not sure about the "Dirty Dancing Theme" though)

    These two couples, were actually DANCING as opposed to just doing acrobatics which I loved

    Rico and Diana's s whole thing just didn't fly for me (especially with the ridiculous a%& drumming, that was totally crass and trashy!).

    One thing that bugs me anout some of these comps (beside the predominance of acrobatics over actual dancing sometimes) is the use of props effeects and acting. Puhlllleeeezee! This AIN'T the freakin' Matirix guys, that got beaten to death, GIVE IT A REST!!!

    But gripe aside, I really enjoyed watching this and the amateur divisions a ton!
  11. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    All told, my absoilute favorite of the bunch!!! :D

    I hope a DVD will be available of this competition, I'd buy it just for Abel and Sulmara alone!
  12. alemana

    alemana New Member

    i watched the videos. other than the (boring) tricks and acrobatics, i didn't see any salsa skills/sabor greater than one encounters by amateur club dancers here in new york. virtually no flavor whatsoever.
  13. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    Alemana, I wouldn't have put it so harshly, but this is what I think myself... even though I appreciate the skill level of the participants, I don't see the dancing... :)
  14. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member

    I see a strange connection...the lower rank the more of salsadancing and less acrobatics....

    And this was the amateurs!!! This connection between salsa/acrobatics have mostly been seen at the proffessional competition.

    I did read the list presenting the judges. And they seem all to have had a dancing carriere. Noone is just an ordinary more or less drunk person who happens to be at the club knowing nothing about dance. Someone said that 50% of the jury is picked from the audience ...that might be true but they all seems to know a great deal of dance this year. And still the result is the same...

  15. azzey

    azzey Member

    The amateurs are putting in more acrobatics every year, it's likely to go the way of the pro's. Some of the amateurs (e.g. the winners) are looking more and more like pro's every year.

    I believe the rules state that only ONE judge is randomly picked from the audience. The rest are well known professionals in the LA scene.
  16. azzey

    azzey Member

    Always a problem with competitions. Since emphasis is on performance and not fun it can come out looking like one technical piece after another.
    Unless the couple has real charisma together and/or they are a couple and in love. Even then they're usually concentrating on not making a mistake so something gets lost in the process.

    Also, the Mayan competitions unwritten judging criteria might have something to do with the predominance of tricks and lack of real dancing.
  17. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    :) Azzey, you are right! But isn't this a characteristic of the LA style? Is it the same in all competitions worldwide?
  18. azzey

    azzey Member

    You mean tricks, lack of real dancing or lack of passion? :wink: :lol:
    No I don't believe so. I have quite a few NY style competition video clips and the competitors somewhat suffer from the same issues, compared to social dancing. In fact in competitions its sometimes harder to distinguish between NY and LA dancing unless you look at the subtleties. i.e. they both use tricks and often look more polished.

    Interestingly, the LA guys have been dancing On 2 for a while now and it's beginning to show through in the Mayan comeption too. So in future that may no longer be such a distinction either.

    See There's a clip of Jareau and partner in the semi-finals and finals of a NY style competition which I quite like.
  19. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    Hmmm... so I have no chance to compete! :(
  20. pr

    pr New Member

    I agree with you people! I also think it is way too much show and to little dancing in the professional division. Where is the connection beetween the partners? IMO it looks more like a tug-of-war game... Instead I prefer when partners stay close and when there is a flow in their movements.

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