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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by SDsalsaguy, Oct 22, 2011.

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    We're about a week away from launching this year's auction, although there might be a slight delay if we encounter any unforeseen issues with integrating our auction system into the new forum software. Hopefully that won't be the case, but we haven't really looked at that yet (we've been concentrating on addressing and tweaking the day-to-day functionality).

    Translation: start thinking about all the types of cookies you can donate to help out DF... oh yeah, and any and all other donations too!!! ;)
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    I think one year I did Showtime Dance Shoe gift certificates. That worked out well. But maybe Amazon would work better, because they can be re-gifted to anybody, not just dancers. Pondering ...

    Cookies? Not so much. I'm a cook, not a baker. :D
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    Hi everyone!

    It seems a fab idea to do this kind of auction. However, I can't figure out how it works. Slow thinking, I guess... :D
    I would like to contribute with some cookies too, but sending them from Lisbon to anywhere in the US might get some time to deliver.. :D :D :D
  5. SDsalsaguy

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    Thanks XL_PT!

    Information regarding this year's auction will be up soon. We had a minor delay in swapping our auction software over to our new platform as some other, more pressing technical matters cropped up that needed to be handled first.

    Thanks again, and more soon...
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