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Discussion in 'Country and Western' started by thebeerchasers, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. thebeerchasers

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    My band played at a club Saturday night and the dancers seemed to enjoy it. We hadn't played a country line dancing night before. We got some requests for specific titles but one thing people were asking for was 38's. What does this mean from the band's perspective. Where do I find a list of songs that are 38's or is it just a function of a specific tempo and rhythm?

  2. Vince A

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    Here is some info to get you started:

    38 Step
    Counts: 38
    Dance: 4 Wall Line
    AKA: Slappin Leather - a very, very popular line dance!

    185 BPM - Born To Boogie - Hank Williams Jr - this is normal speed.
    167 BPM - I Didn't Know My Own Strength - Lorrie Morgan - -this at beginner's speed.
  3. Dancelf

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    I'm pretty damn confused, especially finding a reference to Slappin' Leather being a 36, and another to it being a 40.

    Is the number just the number of counts before the line dance repeats, or are the dancers really expecting the music to phrase that way?
  4. Vince A

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    Wow, never looked into it . . . I just looked up 38 Step on a C&W step description website, and that's what I was given. Guess I should get off of my derriere and try it and count it . . . hm-m-m-m-m-m, maybe . . .

    40 counts . . .

    Then, this reference to 40 counts, 40 steps, but still called 38 Step, or Slappin' Leather . . .

    Who knows???

    Oh G-d, and even further down they reference 36 steps . . . you're right!
  5. Dancelf

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    Heh, and this thread is already the leading Google match for "38 step" great....

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