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  1. I just eat the whites of the egg. I love eggs and they're full of protein. I like them poached, basted or hardboiled. If a little of the yoke gets mixed in, it's no big deal.

    But, I did give up eating chicken and beef about a year and a half ago. I still eat other meats and fish.

    I don't drink soda pop. (very rare occasions I do). And I quit drinking regular coffee during the week. I drink tea or decaf. But, I love it on the weekends.
  2. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    I rarely eat eggs, but I use them in baking. On the rare occasion when I'm making a lunch box and there is nothing to go on my rice, I cook a couple of eggs, but I usually only use one yolk. The whites (as GD44M just stated) are much healthier.
  3. SalsaAmore

    SalsaAmore New Member

    I've been experimenting with eating for energy for many years because I have hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). All the advice in the article tends to help with low blood sugar. Also, I use to bring fruit with me for snacking in between meals. But, that got to be a pain, it was heavy & cumbersome carrying it around or expense at convenience stores, plus fruit has too much fructose and made my blood sugar swing as well. I'll eat fruit at work or at home, but combine it with grains or nuts, so I don't get that sugar drop.

    Also, for snacking on the go, I carry around energy bars. Odwalla and Luna are my favorites. They are not as expensive ($1 at Trader Joe's or local shop I go to), have natural sugars and tastes good. Others tend to have either too much refined sugar or tastes medicinal and are expensive. Now that I have a busy schedule and dance often, I've combined energy bars with my life style and I've been losing weight and have gotten back into a size 4 and can shop in the junior department again. Whoopie! Also, I don't like eating before dancing, so I try to eat green leafy vegies for lunch and then an energy bar or two before I going dancing in the evening. Or, if I don't have dance in the evening, then I eat a well-balanced meal at night to keep with the natural vitamin and mineral intake. I hope this helps anyone else battling with hypoglycemia.
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  4. bjp22tango

    bjp22tango Active Member

    Great article. I try to follow the 5 small meals a day, but I HATE vegetables so I never get a balanced diet.

    I think I was a T. Rex with a pasta craving in a former life.

    Any hints for someone who abhors all the dark, leafy, crunchy things that carry the most vitamins and ruffage?

    I already take a daily multivitamin and extra iron.

    I do love carrots, blue lake green beans, and some leaf lettuces but you can only eat so much of them before you are bored.

    I can count the other veggies I like on one hand and half of them are considered starch (corn and potatoes)
  5. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    Hmmm ... why after exercise would a female suddenly feel the need to eat later that morning, even aftre having a breakfast of two eggs, bacon, toast, and juice?

    Anybody have any ideas?
  6. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    I am usually hungry after a workout (or a couple of hours of dancing) regardless of how well I ate beforehand. I had chicken and corn-on-the cob for dinner, made myself an energy shake and exercised for 20 minutes and practiced for 1+ hour and I"m hungry again. I try not to eat too much afterwards, though. Of course, the beer (light) probably doesn't help because if I'm drinking, I must also be eating :)
  7. delamusica

    delamusica Active Member

    Hmm . . . I've been so so tired lately - no matter how much or little I sleep . . .

    I think I'll really try to focus on this for a couple of weeks and see if I don't perk up a little . . .
  8. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    Do you mean that you are eating before working out, and after you are hungry again? What time do you eat and what time do you exercise?

    How long before working out do you eat? You should not eat a big meal before working out. That will not "give you energy." Especially if you work out in the morning, you should eat something, but make it a very small (maybe 200 calories) snack an hour beforehand. A regular/large meal should be eaten no sooner than 3/4 hours before working out. The reason? Blood will be needed in the stomach to aid the digestive organs. But, your muscles need blood (it carries oxygen) during your exercise. So your muscles will not be able to perform well during your workout because they will be competing with the digestive organs. Either that, or if you are really pumping lots of blood during your exercise, the stomach may be robbed of blood and digestion will take a long time, which could be not-so-comfortable. You should eat a meal after your workout, with plenty of protein and carbohydrates. Eat within 30-60 minutes after working out. The bottom line--don't sabotage your workouts by eating big beforehand!
  9. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    Right-o Josh! Also, try to fill up on fiber- whole grains, raw vegetables, and drink plenty of fluids, too. Eating a massive salad with my meals keeps me from getting hungry for quite a while.
  10. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    I cut down on the yolks... :)
  11. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    I eat at least an hour before working out. If I'm doing yoga, it's even more.
  12. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    That's good. I eat anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours before I begin a workout to let things digest.
  13. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    Well, I would probably do more like you, C, but with a job, husband and 2 kids, my workout times aren't necessarily planned too far in advance. If I see an hour or two of available time, I go for it In fact, my husband is home today, so I hope to sneak out and practice at some point. My friends all think I'm nuts...while they're on the beach, I'm in a gym. I guess I am nuts!
  14. SalsaAmore

    SalsaAmore New Member

    When exerting yourself physically after drinking a glass of juice or eating anything loaded with sugar, your blood sugar level will react by plummeting. When your blood sugar drops, it gives the sensation of being hungry when actually what you need is to level off your blood sugar. When you get those fake hunger pangs (especially when you know you've already eaten a full meal) instead of eating again, try stabilizing your blood sugar by eating or drinking something lite in sugar.

    You will need some sugar to bring your blood sugar back up to feel satisfied again. But, don't overdo it or you will be going through the cycle after 2-3 hours. I usually follow a guide to not take more than 6-7 grams of sugar during a meal or snack. But, that's for me, others may be able to tolerate a higher dose. Although if I do eat more sugar than that I have to prepare myself for the low blood sugar attacks and mood swings afterward by having something close by without too much sugar to snack on when it occurs. Many people deal with low blood sugar to a certain degree and not know about it. It's pretty common.
  15. alemana

    alemana New Member

    i'm always ravenous after i work out. always. i usually eat an Odwalla bar (they're now selling them in smaller portions in boxes of 6, btw) or a banana.
  16. CCdance

    CCdance Active Member

    I'm on the hunt for energy bars lately, it's a new territory for me, a lot of them taste weird lol but gonna give Odwalla and Luna a try!

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