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    Great article!
  3. TomDCG

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    This is a great article, and the site itself is pretty good too!
  4. hereKittyKitty

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    Great article, I particularly like #6. . Let your dancer be responsible. Don’t hover. Don’t immediately bail him or her out of a mistake. Especially older teens – start allowing them to set up their own private lessons, possibly even *gasp* pay for some of their training with their own money if circumstances allow. Let them do their own hair, makeup, and costume packing. This will only help prepare them as they enter the professional world!
  5. Ailuene

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    It really is the best advice. I know having to do those things for myself as I got through middle and high school taught me to be accountable for my own things.

    I also really like the whole don't be offended if your child isn't picked for a solo/star role as well. I always feel bad for teachers that are beat up for not picking a child who is often not prepared skill-wise for a leading role. Or alternatively, when they yell at their child for not being good enough to get that role. Either way it's bad news for everyone involved. And it teaches the child to hate dance, which is really such a shame.

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