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    this book is available from www.amazon.co.uk

    Book Description
    A Passion for Tango is a unique analysis of the logic and philosphy that underlines Tango. It has been written from the perspective of a learner's journey through experiences both in classes and on the social dancefloor. It deals with the history of Tango, the different schools of thought behind the teaching, leading and following, the connection between the partners, the embrace and its variations. Other chapters deal with the walk, concepts of linear and circular movements, navigation and endings as well as the expected explanation of ochos, giros, ganchos, sacadas, barridas, etc. While not being a teaching book as such, it has much to offer the newcomer to Tango while sharing many insights with the established dancer. The book's inspiration is the Argentine teacher Rodolfo 'el chino' Aguerrodi who writes a prologue in Spanish and English.
    This volume is a comprehensible and useful guide to Tango, for both beginners and experienced Tango dancers.
    From the Publisher
    We are pleased to announce that A Passion for Tango is now available, ahead of schedule, in plentiful supply to satisfy demand swiftly. Early reaction from Tango dancers has been very positive.
    About the Author
    David Turner, born in 1945, was a General Practitioner until he took early retirement in 2003. He is known for his energy and passionate approach to life which may explain why he has tackled so many different areas of life in his time. For example, he bred pedigree Southdown sheep for ten years, winning a First Prize for a ram at the Royal Show, in 1989. His first book 'The Showman Shepherd' (ISBN 0-85236-204-8)- due to be re-issued with up-to-date illustrations later this year- is still the definitive account of how to prepare sheep for judging at agricultural shows.
    David became attracted to Tango when visiting Barcelona in the late 1900s and with the help of the teachers of the Cambridge Tango Bar soon became addicted. Later, he fell under the influence of his mentor and friend, the Argentine, Rodolfo 'el chino' Aguerrodi. He now teaches Tango, based on the Aguerrodi principles in the East Midlands. He lives with his wife in the kitchen gardens of a Jacobean stately home and has four adult children and one grandchild.
    David has always been a competent and compulsive writer who is pleased to share what he has learned so far with those who seek to expand their own horizons.
    Bordertangoman’s Review
    I have to declare an interest here as the author is a friend and we went we through a lot of the same classes together, therfore I make no claims to this being an objective reivew of this book.

    I think this is an excellent book, written as it is from the perspective of someone learning and becoming a skilled tango dancer. As one experiences dancing one realises that there is a lot of subletly in tango styles. As a dance of improvisation between a man and woman, it is constantly rewarding to dance with different partners and adapt to each other – hence the necessity of dancing three dances. Dancing tango is not about executing proscribed steps but the connection we create with our partner and the music.
    There are different approaches to teaching tango and the authour analyses his experience of these approaches then nails his colours to the cross. He is not afraid to say what works and what doesn’t -at least for him. I think it is essential for the learner to understand that there isn’t a right and wrong way but to take the best of what a teacher is offering..

    The book is eminently readable, David has an relaxed style of writing. For me I think it will be become a well used reference tome to which I will refer whenever I need to check up on the subtlties of a tango step.

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    Bordertangoman, you might be a friend, but what a plug for the book! It sounds fabulous...it's times like this I wish I wasn't averse to Internet transactions, gosh darnit!! :)
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    The only place I can find this is at Amazon's UK site. I personally will not order from Amazon due to their pursuit of trivial software and methodology patents, and un-competitive business practices.

    So, does anyone know of a book seller in the UK that I can order form over the web, who will ship to the US?


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    Why not try the author direct?
    If this doesn't work we could ask Alex Krebbs to bring one out for you.

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