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Discussion in 'Videos' started by AndaBien, Dec 21, 2010.

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    Hi, sure it is, but honestly guys, I actually use to dance this way on a crowded dancefloor on a social event or in the friday milonga :eyebrow:
  4. newbie

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    Are they related to other famous Godoys (Horacio, Mora) and Peraltas (Sonia, Fabian) ?
  5. AndaBien

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    So, why don't you anymore?
  6. jantango

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    It's interesting how this assumption is made. Those surnames are common in Argentina. Some believe that Alejandra Todaro (of Tango and Chaos) was related to Antonio Todaro for the same reason.

    Abel Peralta has been dancing for 30 years in the milongas, longer than Sonia and Fabian combined. Liliana Godoy has been dancing only 20; she's no milonguera having learned in classes. http://www.milongueandoenba.com/new/english/people.html

    What is so nice and unusual about this exhibition is that Abel dances exactly the same as he would at any milonga. He dances on the outside lane and follows it throughout the dance. This is a good example of tango for the milongas. Most exhibitions are about showing off to receive applause. Abel danced as he always does. Nothing fancy, just pure feeling for the music.
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    I suspect I'm missing your point.
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    Don´t worry, I do so and sometimes I can´t stop doing so :cheers:

    Hi jan, sometimes it actually feels unusual to focus on the ordinary things. I would label myself as an milonguero, too, for I learned dancing on the dance floor in the milongas of my home town. I did not have classes for several years, and I learned to dance as shown above in the arms of all that skilled milongueras around. Think you remember my slogan: St.Pauli (city of Hamburg) is closer to the La Plata than SanTelmo (city of BsAs). :friend:

    Alas, there are two souls in my breast, one likes to dance cosy with a girl, but the other one wants to dance with the music, and is jealous of that girl: to satisfy either of them we have an agreement in the following way: if the dance floor is full, I will dance with the girl, if it is empty, I will dance with the music. And, the point was, that in the shown vid the dance floor actually was empty, and the latter soul complained, why wasting this chance to fill all that space that always is missing. :sad:

    And heartily: Merry Christmas (or what else you will celebrate) to you, all my friends !

  9. JohnEm

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    Oh good!

    And my soul can't resist responding . . . ;)

    Abel was both dancing with the girl and with the music,
    they aren't mutually exclusive but very interdependent.

    Talking about filling empty space reminds me of people who abhor silences
    and fill them with needless chatter instead of allowing conversation
    room to develop and be inclusive.

    So it is with the pauses and understatement of Tango.
    Give it space and time to breathe with the music as
    Abel does. Add your own knowledge and it draws you in.

    It's that time so may I echo that to everyone who passes through here.
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    Its nice dancing around Abel, who's always well composed, and a great dancer in the crowded milonga.

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