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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by ricky123, Aug 29, 2016.

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    I've been dancing 18 months and have just been to a huge social where I had lots of dances.

    I had quite a few compliments about my dancing and my lead from the ladies I danced with (hooray!!). I am at a stage now where I have enough 'moves' to be able to further develop my social dancing.

    However, when I danced with some of the ladies, especially some of the more experienced dancers, I could tell they wanted to dance some shines as where we were apart from a few seconds, they would immediately start to go into a shine. In my inexperience I was unsure 'when' to go into a shine. I didn't do any shines (although I know some from lessons), as it was a bit nerve wracking, haha.

    So my question is, when is the best time to do a shine, is it at a particular part of the music? (musicality). I did watch some experienced dancers and they seemed to do shines at any part of the music. Also how to I start, do I just let my partner go? How long do I carry on for?

    So many questions!!

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. ajiboyet

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    Do shines when the music says so.
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  3. Angel HI

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    Forgive me for coming in late, but I was passing by, and your post caught an interest. The answers to your questions are, "Yes". Shines are; Free-styled movements, off-step syncopations, embellishments, stylizations, etc. that may be danced as the dancer feels. Either one of these things may accentuate; something in the music, something in the dance, something in the step, and/or something within the partnership. They may be led or allowed. The 'trick' is to be familiar or comfortable enough with the music, step, and partner to lead/allow/execute/follow a shine without interrupting the float of the dance. My advice... take a few basic moves, and find the places where a shine might 'fit in'; then, play with it.

    Lastly, how long should they last? They are embellishments. Although, they can last from half of a step/measure to half of a song, my preference is to dance 'with' my partner. I will dance a shine only long enough for either her or I to...shine, and then I'll move on.

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