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Discussion in 'Dance Ads' started by Artemia, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    I bought this dress a really long time ago (well, for me.. considering I've only been dancing a year and a half, hee hee) to prepare for a comp this coming April. Since then, I've actually decided to bite the bullet and have a custom smooth dress made. (So, I need to sell this dress in order to cover part of that order, you know how it is.)

    I was going to cut the floats off of this dress and make it a smooth one, but I decided (thankfully) to wait until closer to the comp. So, this dress is completely intact and ready for Standard dancing. It could however also be used for Smooth with a few minutes and a pair of scissors (and some careful eyes, of course.)

    This is a pre-loved gown that has not been worn in America. It was acquired from the Netherlands, originally.

    I would guess it to be a size 2-6, I am a 4 and it fits me quite well. It has built in panties and a B cup bra, with ample push up padding. The original owner of this dress was 5'9", I am 5'8". For this reason, I recommend this dress for a taller dancer, though it could be hemmed by a professional. (There are quite a few layers of skirts, however, so this would be something of a task.)

    The bodice is ruched black fabric COVERED in Hematite and Jet Swarovskis. (It is practically a solid mass, but does not hinder movement due to the fabric underneath.) The upper skirt is comprised of thousands of Crystal AB Swarovskis, stretching in darts all the way down to the floor. No matter what move you make in this dress, you will sparkle. Included also are two sleeves, and lace cuffs that snap over the floats. These cuffs are solid Jet and Hematite Swarovski. It also comes with two "earrings" -- loose pieces of stoned lace I presume are earrings but they have no backs.

    For me, the selling point of this dress (and I feel the best part, hee hee) is the necklace. Coming to a point in the front, it flows down the back and sets a beautiful contrast to your bare skin. The necklace snaps onto nude straps so that it will not twist, move or flap -- leaving you confident to stun the judges and your opponents.

    This dress is made of wrinkle-free fabric, so fold, twist and travel with this dress to your heart's content, knowing that when you take it out to put it on it will be beautiful, sparkling and stunning.

    When I purchased this dress it was missing quite a few stones on the necklace. I have replaced all of these stones and will be sending you with additional stones in all three colors (and sizes) used on this dress.

    I am asking $650 for this dress. You will see it listed elsewhere at $675, but I am offering a $25 discount to active Dance-Forums members, and I will cover shipping for a purchase made within the contiguous US.

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  2. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

    wow, you should be in advertisting, marketing something - lovely text as well as the costume. Good luck in your sale.
  3. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    Hee hee, you're sweet. I just wrote what the dress told me to, it really speaks for itself. Hopefully someone else will fall in love with it as I have -- I just don't compete enough to justify having it around, when I need to afford my custom dress. Pout! Thanks for the good wishes and the nice reply, it brought a smile to my face!
  4. and123

    and123 Well-Known Member

    You don't compete enough to justify having this dress, yet you're getting a custom gown made for you? :confused:
  5. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    I don't need TWO!! :p

    Plus my custom dress is going to be OMG SO AWESOME that if I don't sell this dress I won't be able to buy gas to drive to dance lessons... er.. or something like that. :p

    I dance primarily rhythm, and don't plan on doing any smooth routines in the near future. That means that I'm completely happy with having one really awesome dress, and this dress must be part of the sacrificing so as to get that new custom dress.

    Who says I have to make sense, anyhoo? Sense is for normal people!
  6. and123

    and123 Well-Known Member

    Ah, gotcha. Sometimes the call is just too irresistable....
  7. NonieS

    NonieS Well-Known Member

    wow that is a nice dress!! good luck selling it!! I don't think you should have a problem ;)

    maybe ask Katarzyna to post the dress on her site as well? She has a lot of connections in the standard dress world and a lot of people check her site!!
  8. karylle03

    karylle03 New Member

    That is very amazing gown that I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of ballroom gown in my mother's closet, but that is the one I am looking for! It is really beautiful.
  9. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    A couple more photos of the dress have been attached.

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  10. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    This dress is still available. I would be happy to arrange to bring it to the SF Open if anyone is interested in arranging a tryon.
  11. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    Considering I haven't worn this, I am finding it hard to lower the price, but I am dropping it to $600 with free shipping to any DF member who is interested!

    Please help me sell this dress!
  12. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    I am bumping this thread in hopes someone will come along and find interest... this dress is still available, still gorgeous and sparkly, and ready to go home with you!
  13. Asiatias

    Asiatias New Member

    Ballroomdancers com has classifieds. You may want to try posting it there.

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