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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by astoria, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Hi @Bushytail3, I also need room for my toes to spread but the fashion is for pointy toes. Even the Supadance models that say "rounded" are too pointy for me. I admit the more boxy toed shoes are not as elegant looking but foot health is more important to me than elegance. I searched a lot. The best (for me) has been american classic ballroom dance shoes. (The url is www dot that dot com.) I get mine custom, but you can get the not-pointy models off the rack if you do not need other modifications. I'm on my third pair from them. Not cheap, but so worth it for foot comfort. I do not know the IDS brand so I cannot compare.
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  3. Bushytail3

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    Thanks @BrokeForBallroom! Your information certainly helps a bit.
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    Here are some photos I have of the American Flex. None of them show how flexible they are, but I think they are pretty flexible and so far these are the best I've found for pointing my toes. They are a bit 'pointy' in the toes though, they would be perfect with a more rounded toe! You could try going wider, these are a Wide.

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    These are what I wear for Smooth competition - love them, super flexible - but also had to go with wide because of the narrow toe box. Otherwise, they are true to size.

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