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    AMERICA’S BALLROOM CHALLENGE returns for a third season on PBS with five one-hour episodes. Shot in high definition at the world’s largest ballroom dancing competition, the OHIO STAR BALL in Columbus, Ohio, AMERICA’S BALLROOM CHALLENGE airs for 5 consecutive Wednesdays, January 30-February 27, 2008, 8:00-9:00 p.m. ET on PBS.

    Hosted by actress and dancer Jasmine Guy and seven-time U.S. National Latin Dance Champion Ron Montez, AMERICA’S BALLROOM CHALLENGE once again takes viewers onto the dance floor and behind the scenes as 24 world-class couples compete for the ultimate dance title. Each of the first four programs will focus on one of the four major styles of competitive ballroom dancing: American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Standard and International Latin. The six finalists in each style will first compete as a group, performing the five standard dances in the category, with expert judges scoring their performances. Then the dancers will have an opportunity to shine, performing a show dance solo. Each program will end with the crowning of one couple, named champions in that style.

    In the fifth and final program, the four champions will compete across dance styles for the coveted title, with each couple performing two pull-out-all-the-stops solos.

    Only one couple will be named “AMERICA’S BEST.”
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    *grin* did American Smooth pick up a dance and we weren't informed?

    Perhaps they decided to reinstate the Peabody? *grin*

    All kidding aside, can't wait to watch the coverage, even though I got to watch some of it live!
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    Text from PBS source was used to create this message. Obviously they made a mistake in wording for Smooth and I didn't catch. Just do a mental edit when reading to correct. :)
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    *grin* no worries, I figured as much...just didn't want anybody to have to be tortured by watching me do the Peabody.
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    Thank you for posting the information, pruthe.

    One of the cameramen followed, and apparently filmed, me walking into the ballroom and up to my seat. He even commented, you had to sit near the top row, didn't you. So, if they show a clip of a brunette wearing a floor legnth sleeveless black velvet dress walking to her seat, that might be me. :rolleyes:
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    OK, will be looking for you. BTW, found this source of info on show at PBS pressroom web site.


    The regular ABC web site page is not yet updated.


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    Looks like regular PBS America's Ballroom Challenge web site is now updated with 2008 info.


    There's also an interesting new article by show's creator, Aida Moreno.
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    i just found this trailer. it looks awesome. :)

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    You're going to be competing on this?
  11. latingal

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    Hope to get in it some year though...we'll see.
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