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Discussion in 'Country and Western' started by AnnieMarie, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. AnnieMarie

    AnnieMarie New Member

    Howdy everyone,
    Well after a long, and tiring weekend...I'm here to report in. I'm sure Ron will report in later.

    We arrived in Chicago late Friday morning and checked in and hung out for a while. Friday night was spent cheering on our friends who were competing in Friday night Intermediate Pro/Ams. Outstanding performances by all.

    Saturday afternoon Ron and I took to the floor and the results are in: (Ron and I compete in the Open Newcomer Division)

    Nightclub - 1st place
    Cha Cha - 1st place
    Two Step - 1st place
    West Coast Swing - 1st Place

    Apparently Ron and I have developed quite the following since our first comeptition in February. We seem to always have people telling us they have been watching our progress and that we look better at each competition. Wow!!!!

    Sunday - The Marathon Day

    Sunday Morning - Newcomer Pro/Am's

    Ron w/ Deby Clark:
    Male Diamond Newcomer Division
    Nightclub: Gold - 2nd Place
    Cha Cha - Gold w/Honors 2nd Place
    Two Step - Gold - 2nd Place
    West Coast Swing - Gold - 2nd Place

    Ann w/Albert Tailleur
    2nd Place Overall - Female Open Newcomer
    Nightclub - Gold - 2nd Place
    Cha Cha - Gold w/Honors - 2nd Place
    Waltz - Gold w/ Honors - 2nd Place
    Two Step - Gold w/ Honors - 2nd Place
    West Coast Swing - Gold w/ Honors - 2nd Place

    Saturday Afternoon - Swing Competition

    ProAm Swing - Female Novice
    Ann w/ Albert - Gold - no placement

    Ann and Ron - Strictly Swing Novice
    No placement, but we had a ton of fun. It's always good to get out there and practice those good lead and follow skills. (Well that's always important.)

    After all that - Ron had a session with Deby Clark that I sat in on while he worked on Waltz basics. Ron and I are going to work pretty hard to see if we can put some basic waltz on the floor in Nashville in two weeks and finally get to compete for an overall placement ourselves.

    Overall a great weekend. Exhausting but fun.

    Thanks to Ron for being such an awesome friend and partner. Although our Pros are not yet on this forum (perhaps we can get them to at least read it....)

    A big shout out to Albert and Deby...who push us to always do better than average and to not accept an average performance as our goal. We couldn't do it without them.

    Ron...anxiously awaiting your perspective.

  2. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Congrats!! Especially after the short time to put everything together after your injuries! :cheers:
  3. DancinDude

    DancinDude New Member

    well.. I did promise you Ann.. :wink:

    Absolutely.. we really didn't do much in the way of social dancing.. lots of observing, watching, supporting.. and primarily letting Ann's ankle stay cool and staying a bit low key until we were really ready to hit the floor.

    yes.. we literally had people running up to us eagerly telling us how excited they are to see us and that they couldn't wait to see us dance.. leaving Ann and I to look at each other in a "OMG!" kind of way. People standing by the entrance to the floor just before comp telling us the same thing. Pretty amazing. I don't want to get used to that since humble in always the preferred way to go.. but I'm thankful we're good enough for them to WANT to see and absolutely our thanks for our coaches to ensure no matter what is stated.. to always kick our behinds to make sure we correct our constant issues. We even had friends come see us for the first time and all we saw were smiling faces and cheers.. people stopped to tell us what they thought of it being their first time seeing us dance together.. What a feeling! WOW!!

    Ann and I feel we have the most unique relationship/friendship/partnership and more which many people have not quite seen before (or at least in a long time). Ann.. you're awesome! No matter what and no matter how we did.. as nervous as I was.. you were cool.. then when the tables were turned and you were so anxious I could see your tears.. I comforted you and bam.. you did better than you thought. Listening to each other is what makes us great with each other!

    Sat night watching Jack n Jills.. by 11:30 PM Chicago time.. we were cooked and in the midst of trying not to fall asleep while the ballroom packed.. we decided it was time to turn in! And we thought we were going to do a whole lot more social dancing.. silly us! :wink:

    This comes after switching Pros (well.. let me qualify...after switching from someone TO a PRO who knows how to actually fix a problem) and 2 weeks out and changes in dance along with all kinds of other issues in the way.. not bad for not being totally ready.. literally! Deby's an awesome Pro!!! She cracks me up and she cracked a joke before we went on and then while on the floor... I almost couldn't stop laughing! :D Deby doesn't fix a problem by modifying it which affects the end result.. Deby fixes a problem by correcting what you are doing wrong to make what you are trying to do - work!! Thank you Deby!!!!

    OMG! Ann did so incredibly well.. I saw her do better here than previous comps and knew she would do better than me. I saw it.. I even told her.. so even with being out for a few weeks and having minimal practice time.. she did awesome. I was so proud and after waltz.. as Ann was taking her time to come back to me.. I couldn't wait to tell her how well I thought she did.. :D .. Albert.. thanks for PUSHING and your Awesome Coaching and Instruction..

    Yes... it was a blast.. but jeez.. I wish I would stop going blank on WCS moves! I see it all.. I know what I want to do.. then I hit the comp floor and bam.. nothing.. but.. I HELD MY 4!!! :D .. I was a bit disappointed in my self but as Ann stated to me that day.. hey... we can only do better with time so from here on out.. we'll be in every strictly swing thing there is. :wink:

    Yes.. Absolutely we are! Ann didn't just sit in on the session.. she became a very necessary part of it. She helped a lot since she already knew some and helped Debbie in her efforts to teach, see and correct any problems. Yes, we're going to work pretty hard and Ann.. you know how bad I want to do overall with you and Deby so you know how hard I'll work to make that happen! :wink:

    An understatment to say the least.. we were so busy... we never even got the chance to take any workshops.. then Sunday.. the only real chance we had to go eat.. was the same time as John Lindo's workshop.. so you know what we did.. if you want to dance.. ya gotta eat! :wink:

    Ann.. you Rock Babe.. if our friendship/relationship/partnership etc and more can survive this first year... (as it's already proven itself way beyond that!) it can survive anything! Thanks for being there for me as I have been there for you all weekend.. thanks for your unconditional support and efforts to "keep the peace" when it was most needed. See.. I DO listen to you.. :wink:

    Absolutely... and please.. don't ever stop.. Bring'in it on for us! I think Ann and I thrive from that. Deby.. you always told me you don't accept anything less from yourself.. Right on! We're right there together.. You, Me, Ann and Albert all have the same idea in mind.. great.. you can do patterns.. now DANCE.. show me timing rhythm and have fun!! Our hard work, enthusiasm and our desires to do better than the rest are what makes your job so much more appreciated!! Please don't ever stop!! You know it's something when you are just not totally happy with 2nd place as your personal best .. though it was your best at that point in time. Sometimes.. putting a little perspective in place.. makes all the difference in the world.. I couldn't do it until we left Chicago at 10:30PM but at least I was finally able to do it.

    We left Chicago at 10:30PM.. ate dinner, then drove back to MI.. stopped and slept for about an hour or so at a rest stop in MI.. so at least I made it that far an pulled into home at 7AM. Waited for Ann's call so I knew she made it ok back home and passed out! Albert's last words to me.. becareful.. you're both tired.. no lie there!

    Btw Everyone.. a special note! Deby Clark took 2nd place Winner for being the best Pro and Albert took 1st! They did a waltz performance that brought Ann and I to tears on the side. Well.. I had tears in my eyes.. Ann had to use tissues.. totally weeping and sobbing.. they were awesome together.. introduced as the team Jennifer and Randy helped arrange and they were darn proud of it as they should be!

    Friday night Ann and I decided to go for a few drinks.. we ended up hanging out in the bar with Albert and Deby.. she's hilarious! It was a great time chilling out with everyone.. especially since it was really the calm before the storm.. 8) :wink:

    You got it Ann...
  4. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Way to go to both of you... and thanks for your respective perspectives on the weekend as well!

    And here's to only more and even better for you both... :cheers:
  5. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Holy cow! Congrats. :cheers: :banana:
  6. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Congratulations! WOW!

    Very, very well done. I'm very proud of you two. You guys are kicking butt!

    I saw the results very early this morning on the "the site," which posted the event results. I now know both of your last names.

    Nice summary from both of you . . . thanks!
  7. AnnieMarie

    AnnieMarie New Member

    The reality check

    Today we had the post event "video review session." Always a fun time.
    Lots of corrections lots of homework to do in the next week before we compete in Nashville over Labor Day weekend.

    So much for resting on our laurels :) Of course Albert told us that we actually looked pretty good for the most part. We are always harder on ourselves than everyone else.

    And so's back to the grindstone as we work on corrections and practice to add waltz next weekend. Yes, we are insane.

  8. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Insane in a good way. 8)
  9. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Re: The reality check

    Just remember that we are our own worst critics! I hated the "video review sessions" after a comp.

    If Albert said you looked pretty good, I'd take that over what any judge said!!!
  10. DancinDude

    DancinDude New Member

    Re: The reality check

    Albert is a Master and a Judge.
  11. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Re: The reality check

    I'll drink to that!

    My wife will be looking for a new Pro after her next event in San Diego. I wish we lived closer to Albert, 'cause he'd be my first choice if I were her.
  12. AnnieMarie

    AnnieMarie New Member

    Michigan is a great state ;) Come on up. LOL. I know our winters just make you want to leave that warm CA sunshine.
  13. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    I've been there . . . I wouldn't trade CA for anywhere, other than maybe Japan! What a beautiful country and people!

    I hear people always saying . . . "California . . . those earthquakes??? No way." Ya know, I've been in CA nearly 30 years, and I've only felt 1 (ONE) earthquake! Other states: tornados, hurricanes, major floods major freezing, major snow storms, etc., etc., etc. I wear shorts, sandals and a tank-top nearly everyday here in CA . . . December and January are our only bad months.

    I know you were kidding, but I dearly love CA.
  14. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Good point, Vince. I love Florida, but every once in a while, it's a very scary place to live.

    And tell me about Albert. EM's want to know. :wink:
  15. AnnieMarie

    AnnieMarie New Member

    All I can say is...Albert is in Michigan...along with me and dancindude of course.

    Dancindude and I are extremely fortunate to study with Albert Tailleur one of the best pros on our circuit. If he happens to be going to any of the Orlando events next year I'll let you know. He is an excellent instructor and coach.

    Sorry Ron..I have to add, he is good looking. I tried to leave it out, I really did.

    Really, most importantly...his instruction is top notch. He works us hard.

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