Ballroom Dance > are there any high rank pros and amateurs on DF?

Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by dolceamore, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. dolceamore

    dolceamore New Member

    i'm new here, so i dont know how this works or who you guys are. are there any high rank pros or amateurs on here :?: if so can you tell me. i'd like to talk to you guys.
  2. ballroomboilergirl

    ballroomboilergirl New Member

    Larinda McRaven, who is one of the top american smooth pros in the nation with her partner, Steve Hevenor, posts on DF...check out her profile and you can visit their website...her username is Larinda McRaven :D We love Larinda!
  3. dolceamore

    dolceamore New Member

    thanks! if there's anymore out there.. please tell :D

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