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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by tangobro, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Dancers in order of appearance
    -Joana Copes and her dancers
    -World champs of Tango Salón 2008: Cristina Sosa & Daniel Agustín Nacucchio
    -World champs of Tango Salón 2009: Hiroshi & Kyoko Yamao

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    Please post the link for the Venezuela videos if it isn't too much trouble..thks:artsy:
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    Campeonato Mundial de Baile de Tango - August 2010

    The next installment takes place next month in Buenos Aires. The prechampionships are held to choose those who represent their countries. They come with high hopes of winning, but that won't happen unless they host the director Mozzi. He was given five-star treatment in Japan last year, so it was no surprise when Japanese couple won -- the first non-Argentines in campeonato history.

    The other key to winning is being coached by either CARLOS PEREZ or MARIO MORALES, both who have trained winners during the past five years.

    See El Tangauta No. 178 for a feature article on Mario Morales giving him the title Maker of Champions.

    The scoring system has nothing to do with who wins. The judges SELECT the winner. It has always been that way, and nothing is going to change. Senior couples no longer have a chance of winning the world title. The judges want to give young couples a start in their careers. Win a title and you are automatically contracted for work.
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    Champion makers

    Info about Carlos Perez from a festival website:

    Carlos & Rosa dancing:

    Per Tangauta Mario Morales has trained:
    Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa - Metropolitan champions in the Adult Tango and Milonga, world champions of Tango Salon and of the Japan Open.

    Jorge Mariño and Sara Parnigoni - Metropolitan champions of Adult Tango in 2009.

    Jose Fernandez and Melody Celatti - world champions of Stage Tango 2008.

    Cristian Sosa and Lida Mantovani - Metropolitan Champions of Milonga and Vals in 2009.
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    Thanks Tangobro.
    A few things that link football and Tango....The Salida, is the same for both...in foot ball they change the field of play by passing the ball to the other side of the field in order to progress without blockage....the same in Tango; the salida de los quarentas or any thing called a salida has the pass to the side before proceeding forward.
    Walking...Argentinians walk a lot...obesity is almost non-existent...they don't have the Amerikan gas knat that simply means climbing from one seat into another to get somewhere.....walking a lot means a more personal feel for the walk...an advantage ...ok they don't walk in soccer but they dance with the ball and it requires a lot of balance threading with the ball thru the opposition.:argue::friend: This is all done with the hips, legs, feet and with plenty of disassociation...very similar to their Tango.
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    Does anyone know of any summer organized tango trips?
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    what sort of dance is this? looks a lot different from Venezuela...
    can't be the same dance.:confused: rediculous
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    Surely you can't be serious.

    The first is stage tango. A bit of a different animal, but it uses the same principles of lead and follow.

    The others are videos of standard, social salon style. Very normal, very traditional, very social, and very much Argentine Tango.
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    Agreed (with Peaches), the Medellin videos look like, with the exception of the first stage performance video, like standard salon, and very pretty. I dance shared weight most of the time, so this isn't the style I prefer, but it's still gorgeous. (Of course one of my favorite partners is from Medellin, so I may have a slight bias.) Mario, maybe you could provide details on what you're specifically seeing in the videos that is out of place?
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    oh, ok I didn't know that everyone in Colombia dances on stage in front of an audience rather than at Milongas.. Crikey!
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    Am I missing something in a previous post? I thought this thread was about Argentine tango competitions - that's what the videos are demonstrating. No?
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    There's news for you Mario - they are different dances!
    The Columbian ones are captioned as escenario, in other
    words show tango. Venezuela is salon.

    Well what your idea is of traditional argentine tango and mine is (and
    Mario's for that matter) are poles apart. If that's your perception,
    and presumably experience, of salon social style as you indicate
    (even though it's actually captioned show tango) I shall probably
    never want to dance on the same floor as you: far too dangerous.

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