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Discussion in 'Dance Articles' started by SDsalsaguy, Apr 6, 2006.

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    Welcome back P! :)
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    We missed you pygmalion!!!
  3. DancingMommy

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    Got 'em! And it's a date!
  4. DancingJools

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    To revive this topic:
    The following was recently posted on dancesportinfo, and seems to be the response of the WDDSC (under its new name, the World Dance Council, or WDC) to Arthur Murray's attempt to trademark world titles:

    If you go to this new website, which is just one page with a link to the WDDSC site and the World Promotions website, take a close look at the pictures.
    That fabulous looking couple is Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova. Bob and Julia were US Rhythm (i.e. American) champions, and World Mambo Champions. The latter is an IDO title, AFAIK, not a WDDSC title. Bob Powers is also identified on the DanceVision website as:
    I don't know if I am reading too much into this. I wonder if the selection of their photo (a fabulous one, to be sure) was just an accident, or a statement of some sort, about the WDC laying claim to all world titles? The bit about Bob Powers being on the Board of AM International is just ironic, in my opinion. Or a very, very clever jab from the WDC to AM.
    I wonder if anyone can identify the other two couples in those photos? The other Latin/Rhythm couple looks like Emmanuel and Joanna. Another Rhythm couple. Or am I imagining things?
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    Looks like E&J to me.
  6. alemana

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    i have that photo of bob and julia on my desk at work.

    yeah, that's emmanuel and joanna next to them.
  7. DancingMommy

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    What's crazy is that the big banner for Woerld Promotions is right under the WD&DSC one. WP is local to me and organizes mainly pro-am stuff. Now I am realllllly confused....

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