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  1. The repression doesn't start until around the teen years. Asian society isn't that cruel. It's not gonna repress little kids. They're gonna let kids be kids.

    The repression starts around junior high and high school. That's when things get serious so to speak. In Asia, it's different cause high school determines your entire life. It's the most crucial time period whereas in the western countries, the university/college years are the most determinant. Actually, not even, lots of people don't even figure out what they want to do until after university. It's cause western societies are more open-minded and will give opportunities to those who figure things out later in life.

    In Asia, there's more people and more competition and so you have to figure out stuff in high school. That's why things get messed up the moment you turn 13. Suddenly your whole future is at stake. Your parents and teachers turn strict. It's well-intentioned but damaging. Those are the years you're supposed to be socializing, dating, and exploring yourself.

    This is why Asian people, Asian men in particular, find it hard to fit in in western societies. Western folk started on their journey of self-discovery in their teens and so by the time they're in their 20s, they're very seasoned and know themselves and know how to interact with others. With Asians, it's like they're finally done school and thrust into the big bad world of work and alhtough they do well in their careers, everything else they're starting from scratch and they're much less opportunities for socializing once school is done.

    Sorry for the rant. This has been my experience anyway. I'm 34 years old and I spent the last 10 years of my life focusing on my career because that's just how I was taught. But naturally, I'm an arts person. I love music and I love dance. Now that I have the financial resources to do so, I'm making the most of it while I'm still not too old. I'm doing dance lessons and guitar lessons and I'm playing recreational sports. I'm pretty much discovering myself and learning to enjoy life. My western peers and friends started this way back in their teens and I never got a chance to do so.

    The above being said, I think Japan is a little different. They're much richer than the rest of East Asia and highly developed. Also, I don't think the new generation is as serious about work and the economy as previous generations. They want to enjoy their lives and make the most of it. They're still very regimented by western standards but I think they've laxed much more.

    In countries like China where competition is fierce, the poor kids just don't have much alternatives. There simply isn't enough opportunities in the economy for kids to spend their high school years messing around and dating and socializing although these are very valuable things.
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    Thank you for sharing your experience. :)
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    It's very hard for non europeans / americans to be on the top in ballroom

    The fact is, it is tailored up to taste of europeans/americans - it's how they a kind on naturally move/think/react/express. For people outside that region, things are somewhat different - different culture, different lifestyle, different food, even slight differences in anatomy ... so it's close to impossible to do it the same way, because judging criteria is up to typical ballroom look

    There are other examples ... taking for instance "latin dances" ... they came from latin countries, but when they arrived in Europe (part of that was actually back-export), they changed significantly, becoming just ballroom slightly inspired with latin culture. Try finding something remotely similar to ballroom samba in Brazil. It doesn't exist there

    Then we have salsa that came later and spread over the world ... they are dancing it over the world, everybody wants to look "latin" (although there is a discussion is it more latin or more american), but nobody actually looks latin, except latinos ... and even there, Puertoricans don't look like Cubans

    Same story with bachata from DR and recently kizomba from Angola ...
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    Are you saying Tanja Kensinger doesn’t look “latin” in her bachata??? Or salsa ?

    I beg to differ if you are saying that
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    I said "it is very hard", not impossible

    But if you ask about Tanja "la Alemana", then, well, if you put her dancing bachata beside a girl from DR at similar "technical level", it would need to be extremely dark to mix them. I mean, she is a good dancer in the context of salsa dancing, very likely better than all followers in my venue except one, but style ... still quite european, typical behind the beat weight transfer, body movement more in the upper core, less in the hips etc ...

    For the same reason, you don't see much people from latin countries participating in international BR latin competitive world ...
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    if you can find a girl from DR with her technical level...... good luck

    “nobody looks latin except Latinos “you said

    This is the same worn out argument ...

    White peoples can’t pop ... poppin john
    White people cant Krump.. lil tight eyes Jana vankova

    White people cant lock... P-lock

    “That’s not samba...says every Brazilian ever !

    Etc etc

    And that’s not why people from Latin American countries don’t compete in ballroom .... it’s cost , travel, lack of exposure as a youth amongst other things ,not because they would intrinsically dance it “different”
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    Sure, that's another very important reason. But have in mind that there are many latinos in the States as well ...

    Or another example ... there are some latinos (actually mostly cubans) in my area as well. But they never mix with linear salsa dancers, they dance casino in two clubs attended by people dancing casino ... for them, linear salsa is pretty much equal to ballroom, although on the other side linear salsa dancers hate ballroom (and in many cases casino as well)
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    I dance all the different forms of salsa and it’s definitely a “when in Rome” situation when you go out dancing socially

    However that doesn’t make any one style more “authentic “ than another

    Or any one dancer more “latin “ than another

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