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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by Ballroom Boutique, Dec 25, 2016.

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    I am in the process of sprucing up my rhythm dress and would like to add some beaded fringe. I want to attach individual strands and am having trouble with the process of doing this. How do I do this without all the beads falling off when I cut it from the ribbon?
  2. Joe

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    Pics would help. Sounds like you have a roll or strings of beads. If so, secure the end of the strand, either with a knot, or a dollop of glue (and let it fully dry). Cut off your length and secure the other end similarly. Repeat for each piece of fringe. If you like, you could sandwich the end of the string between a pair of rhinestones.
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  3. s2k

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    My dress has beaded fringe, so when it needed some rehabbing, I had to figure out how to do it. And here's how I do it: You make your own beaded fringe. Trying to cut premade fringe from a ribbon is an exercise in madness and will take you more time than if you just make your own. Girl Scout honor.

    • Thread in appropriate color
    • Needle
    • Glass bugle beads (the kind that twist will offer more light reflection than the tubes)
    • Seed beads in same color
    • Scissors
    • Your favorite movies to pass the time

    Start with 18 inches of thread, cut, then slide your needle onto that length. Then tie the two ends together, so what you'll be using to create your bead strand will be two pieces of thread and not one - to me, this is added insurance to avoid bead loss, especially on the dance floor (i.e., if strand one breaks within the fringe, there's a second in there holding things together!). Next, on the front of the dress, determine where you want the strand to go, and then go in from the back of the dress. Pull the thread through to the front of the dress. Lead with the needle and add all the glass bugle beads you want until you have the length you want - for me, that was 12 bugle beads. When you're at the end of the length you want, put a seed bead at the end to anchor the bugle beads at the end, then loop the needle back up into the last bugle bead, and send the needle back up to the dress through the bugle beads again, then knot through the fabric (the link I shared has good pictures of how to anchor that seed bead). You will want a little give between the glass beads and between the strand and the fabric, otherwise the fringe will stick straight out and you'll look like a hedgehog. ;) While the images to the link I share are for a pocketbook, it's the same process I used for strands of beaded fringe on my dress.

    Now, I just had a dress made for me, and the designer made her fringe the same way with the following exceptions: she pre-made her fringe (probably using exceptionally long thread so the beads didn't slide off before she needed it), then tacked the thread on to the front of the dress (rather than send the needle in through the back), knotted it flush to the fabric (there is some give), cut the excess, and in some places on the dress, put a stone over the ugly knot to hide it (also perhaps to help the strand stay put). In other places, you can see the ugly knot but only if you're up close and know where to look.

    I prefer the more finished look of the one I did myself, however, the dress I had made has thousands of strands on it. I can see how a designer knows the tricks for getting a thousand strands on a dress without losing a bead or his/her mind. I have about 200 strands on my dress and it took an afternoon. Once you've got the process, put on two good movies and away you go.

    Where did I go to buy my seed beads and my bugle beads? The interwebs, of course!

    Good luck!
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    Ive bought the strands of beaded fringe from DSI or chrisanne. They come in bunches. You grab a strand, push through the front, I actually go back and forth a couple of times and knot in the back. I glue a stone over the front.
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    And then you cut the strand from the ribbon? Because that's genius!
  6. rels77

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    Actually, they come separately already with really long strands to make them easy to hand attach.

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