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    I am not allowed to post any links yet, but I recently started to mix my own salsa and bachata music, please check out
    Believer – Imagine Dragons
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    Yes, generally if a person's main purpose for posting here on the form is to promote people leaving this forum to visit another website, we don't allow it. The exception to that is if you are able to embed videos from other websites like YouTube because people can play them without leaving the site. I think your topic is worthy of discussion, but the purpose must be for people to discuss it here to discuss another website they're going to visit. Thank you for understanding.

    Also I will need to edit your username so that it does not reference website. Thank you once again.

    There is actually a way that you can have a link on this site and that is as a user who has proven themselves by participating in our discussions here and then you can have a link in your signature.

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