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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by amo_dile_que_no, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    No... Sabor's posts need no adult rating ;)
  2. thespina13

    thespina13 New Member

    All I know is that whatever dimension he's in, I want to be there too. Sabor, wouldn't happen to be going to the Toronto congress, would ya? If I only every get one dance with you in this life it's going to be a bachata. LoL... imagine that. I'd be 87 and still thinking there's a chance to meet and dance a bachata. Teehee.

    Pardon the obsequious comments. I just came back from a lovely dance night and I'm all gushy. No filter from what I feel to what I write.
  3. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    well.. i think that with you.. thats the best way to write ;)

    darling.. i'm honored u think highly of me in that regard.. and i would simply love to dance with u.. your take on connection and dancing with luv is beautiful to me..

    if ever u are visiting cairo.. please.. give me a buzz.. si? :)
  4. Zephyr

    Zephyr New Member

    I've been browsing this site for a few months, but this is my first post.

    A brief background. I started dancing about 8 months ago, and have been making great progress in the last four months or so. This site has encouraged me to develop my own unique salsa style. I stopped counting beats after the first couple of months and now just let the music flow through me. I love partners who play with the music - expressing the hits, breaks, pauses, and above all emotions of the songs and have started really disliking dancing with the "showy" dancers who seem to dance the same regardless of the song.

    But this thread is about bachata. I love it. With the right partner I feel so connected to him, to the music, to something deeper than the conscious mind. I love being freed from my always-analytical and logical mind to just experience something deeper still.

    I am a Toronto dancer and would love to meet the out-of-town dancers from this forum if you make it to the congress in October.
  5. thespina13

    thespina13 New Member

    Zephyr, I'll be going to the Toronto salsa congress. Save some bachatas for me. PM me closer to the date and we'll arrange a meeting time so we can introduce ourselves. YAY! My first DF meeting!

    Sabor, you'll be the first person I call when I visit Egypt. ;) Thanks for the lovely compliments. :)
  6. Big10

    Big10 Member

    Wow, that's deep! I'm not a prude, but I simply CAN'T get to that point during a dance with a stranger (at least not when I'm sober ;) ), and there are very few friends with whom I would allow myself to get that emotional on the dance floor. The one person who shows up when I need someone there? Oh my goodness....:shock:

    I had a somewhat similar situation happen to me last Saturday night. I asked a woman to dance Bachata, but she said to me, "Sorry, I only dance Bachata with my boyfriend." I then told her that I don't dance the "close" style of Bachata (well, almost never....:twisted: ), but she still insisted that she just likes to keep Bachata as something special between herself and her boyfriend. When I started to walk off, she even asked me to come back later and ask her to dance when the DJ played Salsa -- so it wasn't a total personal rejection. Still, overall, it was a very unusual conversation.
  7. Salsero78501

    Salsero78501 New Member

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  8. Chiquita

    Chiquita New Member

    Bachata lover!

    I love bachata, the music and the dance. In general I prefer to dance it, with the, I do get that comment about not dancing bachata with white girls..I get the I prefer dominicans..over most is in fact hard to find the best bachatadancers! But, when I find one..I'll dance like nobody is watching..and I'll just fall into the magic, of loving the same music and the same dancing, and having a perfect "connection" with someone..I never seen before..and have never ever spoken to..and as I might not have any intentions to speak to ever..I apreciate, that most of the dominicans..are as much, as me..really into the dancing..and the music..and don't get too much into eyecontact in the bachatas..I like it as the bachata, can get extremely sensual...but still, when the song is was just another magic moment on the dancefloor. I will not dance like this, if I feel the guy have any other intentions..or ideas, about something else..besides the dancing...As I am absolutely only interested in my dancing even though it might look different to others. I am very passionate about bachata!
  9. Steve

    Steve New Member

    Can you guys recommend some of your favourite bachata music? I like the dance, but I'm having a real hard time finding songs that I like.
  10. GTO Bruin

    GTO Bruin Member

  11. Steve

    Steve New Member

    Awesome, I should have searched :p

    Now to track some of those down..
  12. Pacion

    Pacion New Member

    Steve, is also worth listening to/have on in the background. In addition to salsa, there is a bachata section and they give you the name of the song, the artist and the CD. It is one way of hearing songs that you like and discovering who the artist is.
  13. OneCentSalsero

    OneCentSalsero New Member

    I dont mind hearing a song or 2 now or then, but im glad most socials here dont play any.
  14. noobster

    noobster Member

    I like bachata music... but I am just not comfortable being that close to someone with whom I do not have intimate relations. I don't even like it when a leader does close-holds in salsa for more than a couple of seconds; it makes me uncomfortable enough that I no longer feel free to move with the music.

    I do dance bachata, but not in a close body-hold... usually more like a regular salsa closed hold, where your body is not really touching your partner's... which I understand deprives the dance of what is special about it...
  15. sac76

    sac76 New Member

    stay away from bachata then :) ur better off dancing salsa
  16. Catarina

    Catarina New Member

    I have what is likely a very basic question, but as a follow in bachata, am I moving my own shoulders at all? Or is it just relaxing and letting shoulders/rib cage be moved the whole time? How much pressure should I be feeling as my shoulders/rib cage are moved? never really been taught bachata, so I don't know which of the dances I've danced would be considered "okay," "bad," or "good" by any one else's standards.

    And I love how you all are describing how sensual the dance is without it being sexual. I have a new appreciation for Bachata! If only I spoke spanish, I might have gotten that from the lyrics before now.
  17. sac76

    sac76 New Member

    Basically if the guy is moving his ribcage,because u guys are glued to each other, u will automatically move ur ribcage with him. i havent seen anyone roll their shoulders in bachata as its unnecessary.all u have to do is move ur hips,tap or ur ribcage.
    as long as ur on time, theres never a bad dance in bachata. just let urself melt in the guys arms and let the music flow you.
    to lead a bachata, its very important to lead with ribcage,thighs or hips. if u dont feel the lead,usually its because ur too apart from the guy.
    if i can fit in another couple in between a couple dancing bachata, thats not bachata atall
  18. Catarina

    Catarina New Member

    Thanks--Makes sense. And now I just need to find some stranger to melt into this weekend and just move (not making fun!) I am excited to give it a try again soon--I usually avoid it because I figured I was screwing it up somehow, but dancing closer probably will make a difference.
  19. Chiquita

    Chiquita New Member


    If I don't like to dance close, with the guy who leads...I will definetly avoid dancing with him at all even with salsa. There are a lot of guys wich I don't want to get close to me, for one reason or another...But, I always try to dance, only with the ones I'll be comfortable with. My way of learning to dance, was by dancing very my body could feel, and follow the moves of the man..I later found out this is not the same way others learn to is always easier for me, to just get close...but I supppose that is because it is my way...of following the bodylanguage I said before I dance a lot of bachata with dominincans and most of them dance it differently from the europeans....and also have many different and creative ways of leading bachatas. Not so many turnpatterns...but more playful way of having fun with the rythms...And, my experience is that many of the dominicans..don't dance the bachatas that close..some do..a..and extremely sensual..but most don't, or they do it now and then but it is still passionate and sensual..So I would not say that it is only the close-up bachata that is the real one..
  20. Leo89

    Leo89 New Member

    does someone know were to find cool turns for bachata in the web so I can impress my friends!?

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