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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by mop6686, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. mop6686

    mop6686 Member

    What does everyone think of the Ballroom Dancing Teachers College and their franchise program? I like their support of quality teacher training in the ballroom dancing industry.

    Does anyone here own a franchise or have you gone through the certification process? Is it a viable business model?

  2. QMSF

    QMSF Member

    I'm a BDTC graduate and I got a ton out of their program. I went to the original one(s) here in the Bay Area, not a franchise. I had never danced before but was super interested and it was a fabulous way to dive into the deep end and learn the basics very thoroughly. Since I graduated, I know they've also incorporated sales training and more technical exercises, which I think are great. I'm a big fan of Diane's and the work she does. Having done a bunch of DVIDA certifications, I've found taking those classes made the tests very straight-forward because you kind of learn to speak and think in the way that the test requires. Essentially, I would not be dancing and teaching without the BDTC. That's just my experience.
  3. mop6686

    mop6686 Member

    Thanks for your input!

    Did you get certified as part of the program? How long ago was this? How many students were in the class with you and what were there general demographics?
  4. QMSF

    QMSF Member

    I was not certified by virtue of completing the program. I had to do that separately. Kind of like having to pass the bar after going to law school. I took the classes from 2009 to 2010. I'm sure I'd botch the specifics as to the demographics of my classmates. And if you want a real breakdown, I'd suggest just emailing the BDTC. I'm sure they'd be happy to fill you in.

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