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    The Caltech Ballroom Dance Club is offering a series of ballroom workshops this summer. The next one is Paso Doble this Sunday, taught by professional instructor Andre Fortin. Later this month, we'll be getting former British Open Professional Latin champion Nadia Eftedal.

    The workshops run from noon to 2pm in Winnett Lounge, which is on the second floor of building 51 on the map at http://www.caltech.edu/map/ and is located close to the corner of San Pasqual and Holliston. See also http://www.its.caltech.edu/~ballroom/campus_map.html for directions and a map.

    For pricing and more details, see http://www.its.caltech.edu/~ballroom/workshops.html.

    7/11/10 Paso Doble Workshop

    Instructor: André Fortin
    Description: Paso Doble is a dramatic French-Spanish flamenco-style march danced in 2/4 time, with man portraying the matador in a bullfight, the lady as his cape. In this 2 hours workshop, you will learn some of the basic figures of Paso Doble including Huit, Sixteen, Grand Circle, and Promenade Link. No previous experience is required. Dancers of all levels are welcome to attend.

    7/18/10 International Tango Workshop
    Instructor: Jerry More
    Description: Highly recommended to those who have taken the beginner or intermediate level International Tango classes. This workshop will review some of the Bronze/Silver figures with a focus on footwork, frame, lead and follow connection. If you want to polish your International Tango techniques, do not miss this workshop.

    7/25/10 International Samba Workshop
    Instructor: Nadia Eftedal
    Description: A 1.5 hours workshop focusing on body techniques that are essential for the rhythmical bouncing motion of Samba. This workshop will also address on musicality. Some previous experience in Samba is recommended, but all levels of dancers are welcomed.

    8/8/10 Jive Workshop
    Instructor: Guillermo Ceballo
    Description: A 2-hour jive workshop, which will include a warm-up exercise, technique, then patterns. The focus is on Bronze/Silver syllabus moves.

    8/22/10 Rumba Workshop
    Instructor: Can Aksoy
    Description: Partner connection in rumba.

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