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Discussion in 'Videos' started by barrefly, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

  2. tj

    tj New Member

    Yup, it's one of their salsa routines from SYTYCD. Thanks for sharing the link!
  3. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    It is. ADS choreographed that for them during the 2006/2nd season as tj pointed out. He also choreo'd the Afro-Cuban Rumba that Heidi did that season. Well, technically, Alien Ramirez choreo'd that but ADS got the credit since he's the bigger name.
  4. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    nice. would love to see him compete latin...
  5. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    ...and incorporating/taking advantage of some of their own WCS tricks to good effect as well.
  6. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    I apologize guys. Due to the rawness of the clip, I did not realize it was Black Mambo.
    For some reason, I didn't remeber so much salsa in the routine. I remembered it, as SDsalsaguy said, a mix of W.C. swing and salsa.

    On a different subject. Since I quite drinking, I starting taking salsa classes. (Took my first class last weekend). I did really well too. I guess all the years watching Missy, I did pick up a thing or two.
    (Missy is not to happy with me learning salsa...go figure).
  7. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Exactly. The routine's a good mix of Benji and Heidi's competition choreo from WCS with ADS's salsa choreo.

    Probably thinks you're diminishing the coolness factor of her salsa hobby. The "oh, great. Now my dad's gotten into it..." thing. Not an unexpected response from a teenager. ;)
  8. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    Thanks Beto,
    Actually, I think it's more that she doesn't want me dancing with other women. Teen daughters can get like that.

    She really isn't head over heels for salsa. She now perfers B/L, but she is going to learn soon that the competition, esp. on the east coast, is off the charts. some of these kids (esp. the russian kids) seem to be genetically engineered for B/L.
  9. DCR

    DCR Member

    WOW So you are taking Salsa classes That's Cool.....Anyways in a matter of time Missy will just have to get over it....LOL
  10. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    Missy really hurt my feelings in a class she was teaching last weekend. She made be feel like I am a terrible salsa dancer. (She doesn't have to tell me this..I already know.) Mom's taking her to class from now on. This means no more salsa for me. I am very depressed about it. Where did I go wrong? The whole point was to keep me occupied while she was doing her thing, so that I keep away from the bottle. A caring daughter would be supportive of that.
  11. latingal

    latingal Well-Known Member

    barrefly, your daughter is young yes? I agree it would be nice to have the support of your daughter in your efforts to keep away from drinking, but we do stupid things in youth (I know I look back and wonder what the heck was going through my brain at the time).

    If you love to dance, or are interested in finding out if you love to dance - you can make this something you do for yourself. I would not let your daughter's reaction keep you from pursuing things that would be good/healthy to you and non-hurtful to others!
  12. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    Missy is a saint compared to what I was at her age. (15). I am really not that disciplined/strong to learn salsa without her help. I only want to learn salsa because I think the patterns are really fun/interesting to solve/figure out. It's kind of like doing crossword puzzles (which I also enjoy).

    Do you remember the movie "National Treasure" where the dumb guy has an answer that Nick Cage didn't know, and the dummy says "Wait, I know something you don't,...let me enjoy this for a second".
    Perhaps, after 10 yrs of me criticizing her about her dancing,...she is just enjoying the fact that her dad can't dance his way out of a paper bag. LOL
    I am a great talker, but a bad doer. I will let her decide whether I dance salsa or not, and she will have to accept having to take it away from me, should she decide, "not".
    It's part of my strategy for teaching her some "life lessons". She needs to realize how theraputic salsa is for me and just how important her dad is to her. (added:...and I am seeing the possibility for life lessons for me, as well). Being a parent can be very difficult and complicated at times.
    I hope this makes sense.
  13. wooh

    wooh Well-Known Member

    Let her have her thing. If you want to dance salsa as well, then go to a different class, not one she's in or teaching. At 15, YOU are not HER responsibility, no matter what demons you're battling and it's absolutely not fair of you to expect her to "support" you. At 15, no matter how mature, parents are embarrassing, especially if they're trying to be cool and do what their kids are doing. Give her space. Teenage years are the ones where kids learn to go out on their own, be their own person apart from their famillies. If you want to salsa, think that will help you avoid drinking, then great. There are salsa classes absolutely everywhere and there's absolutely no reason for you to intrude on what should be her time.
  14. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    That is my point. If she doesn't want dad around, so be it. The part you don't understand is, I can only take classes where she will be at, or not take classes at all and sit and wait for her. (like I have been doing for years) I am her driver, or mom is her driver and I have to babysit my 9 yr. old. I work in the evenings, so, the weekends are my only opportuity.

    Also, there is actually a bigger issue at play here. My daughter, whom I have spent a great deal of time and money, as well as support, towards her dance, IS my responsibility. I can stop giving her my support at anytime.

    Melissa, is a very talented dancer and has a promising career ahead of her, should she choose it. I am very much aware that, she, as a teen, must learn to take ownership of her dance. The problem is, she has danced all her life and dad has coached her all her life.

    An example, a few days ago, America's Got Talent casting contacted me wanting Melissa and partner to audition. Missy wanted me to handle it. I did,....which ended up being a pass on it. She was mad, but I told her that she has castings number...."handle it yourself".
    If I am going to manage Melissa's dance career, I have expectations of her. If she can't/doesn't want to, fulfill them,...find a new manager.

    Melissa may be a teen, but she is a gifted teen that may have to endure adult responsibilities, should she enter the adult world (such as teaching an adult salsa class). If Alex knew how she treated me, he would be very disappointed in Missy. To Alex, I am not a dad, I am $.

    I would not be angry/disappointed if she decided she doesn't want to take on such responsibilties...but, as the saying goes...P. or get off the pot. LOL
  15. latervet1

    latervet1 Member

    Barrefly- is it possible that she is a little embarrased not of you but for herself when you are there . no matter how old or mature we are- sometimes it is difficult to feel like an adult in our parents' presence. Maybe she just feels more self conscious when you are watching her teach.
  16. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    I really don't know, since I have long forgotten what it's like to be a teen.
    I think that she just wants to start figuring things out for herself, yet doesn't want me completly out of the picture.
    We are just going to have to work it out.
    Sorry to just seems overwhelming to me sometimes. That is where she has me at a disadvantage. "Build a bridge and get over it" as she would often tell me.
  17. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

  18. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    Hi opendoor,
    In your link, that isn't Benji and Heidi. I have no doubt that B/H would have "looked" much more proficient at tango, than what's demonstrated in the clip.
  19. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

  20. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    opendoor, me thinks you are pulling my leg. My 15 yr. old daughter has only been training in A.T. for a few months and is already much better than the girl in the clip.

    Heidi on the other hand, would blow away both this girl and my daughter.
    Also, Missy/we knows the Schwimmers very well, since their studio is about 15 minutes from us. She has trained with them.

    opendoor, I don't know if you are guy or girl, but if one of the dancers are you and you are just posting the clip for advice would be..."Don't quit your day job".

    Added:....and I think the A.T. people will tell you this as well....the dancers in the clip seem to be in a hurry to show off before they have honed good/clean A.T. technique.

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