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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by DanceMentor, Dec 3, 2003.

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    Salsaclub in Orlando

    Peep, I got to tell you that last night (Thursday) I was visiting Orlando, Fla. and while I was on the road I was switching radio stations until I heard Rumba 100.3 and they were announcing this club called Metropolis so when I arrived at the hotel I set my laptop and do a search for this particular club. Then I took a long rest and get ready for the night and go to Metropolis.

    My surprise was that this club was located in the central downtown in a mall (Point*Orlando Mall), it's in the second floor , while I was walking on the hallway I was feeling the vibration of the walls like playing drums and trompets, ok ok , I said, this is it. Wow I said quietly when the sound of the club was all over the place , but not only that, the club has 2 clubs , Metropolis and Matrix which you can jump one to the other. My first thing was to look around for dancers, they were a few, but of course I arrived a little earlier like I always do.

    Then after half an hour I saw at the bar about 8 girls seating there and watching, well man I said myself, if your move to ask one of this girls to dance with me since they were not much guys yet, I asked the first lady and make my moves, they were playing this song called " A la hora que me llamen voy " Jose Alberto el Canario , and she was pretty excited, we both felt the same beat and we danced pretty much good like if we knew each other our dance. Right after a while I took a break and then one of the girls came to give me some compliments and I told her that the next dance would be for her.

    I spent a good time and both clubs are pretty much well decorated, specially Matrix ( lot of neon frames ). So if you ever come to Orlando visit this place , I recomend you. They play more salsa on Sunday than Thursday thou. I'm looking forward to come on Memorial Day Weekend to enjoy the Sunday night.

    Here is the Link for the Club.
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    what about California? I just moved here to SF... what is up here?
    Right now I am totally wishing I was either in NY or MI... peeps, help me out. :eek:
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    You gotta be kidding! :shock: San Fran has a bangin salsa scene! Where ya at africana?? :D
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    hey awesome cruella! maybe i'll get to meet the outrageous salsaera

    but yeah seriously SF has so many salsa clubs it bugs sometimes, because you never know where or when the best dancers are gonna show up. for example, it's thursday night, but i'm not going out because there's at least 6 salsa clubs open tonight, with live bands playing in at least 3 clubs. I live 30-40 mins outside SF so I do get burned out and tired of driving in without assurance that good dancers will be present

    The only night with little competition among clubs is tuesday night - the Glas Kat, and monday night - Cafe cocomo.
    Other than that there's always a handful of choices. For a fairly comprehensive list of clubs & events check out:

    there's also periodic socials like Hot salsa fridays that sometimes draw more folks for special events. Frisco also has a cuban salsa scene, if you're more comfortable with the casino style

    right now I have cut down on going out (decreasing my burnout for LA congress ;) ) But I'll probably go to the Allegro social on sunday, it's the most populated and diverse dance gathering in the bay. PM me if you want more info on that, and maybe we'd get a chance to meet :D
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    Does anyone know of any good clubs or ballroom dance areas in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, I might be going up there this weekend and would like some input so I don't waste money -_-
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    that would be great. I am the tall blonde with the slutty dress... :wink:

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