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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by d nice, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. alfborge

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    By the way, I really liked what you wrote in this thread (as well) Damon. Thanks. I'll print this thread and discuss it with one of my instructors I think.
  2. Alias

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    I enjoyed reading this topic (or thread), many interesting points that I agree with, thanks d nice.
  3. blue

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    Had this thread been active when I first came to this board, I know of one thread that I would not have started...

    To me, the similarity to pedagogics in martial arts is striking. Most schools involve exact foot angles, and students struggle to make them which is difficult because their body is facing in the wrong direction - while if you instead had focussed on body directions and the directions of forces, much of these foot angles would have come natural.

    In dancing also, it seems the first method is the most common one. Personally I hate it. It denies me of everything I already know.
  4. Jmatthew

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    Just thought I'd mention that I've been using a lot of this theory and technique in the classes I teach and it's been pretty successful. I even used the major appliance analogy and joke ;). I tried to credit ya with as much as I could, and wanted to give you props here too. :)
  5. d nice

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    Don't bother in class. This stuff isn't copywritten, and I would never attempt to patent my teaching method. As much as teaching is my life (literally) I teach because I want more people to not just do this dance, but do it well. If I come up with anything that others think may help them become a better dancer or produce good dancers in their own right. Have at it.

    If you want to thank me on a board or in person and give me props, super. In class don't worry about it,justr get me more people to dance with and we'll consider it more than even.
  6. mamboqueen

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    bump...some useful stuff worth looking at....

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