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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by ticolora, Apr 21, 2017.

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    Also, make sure you aren't back-weighted before you even get there. Turning can exacerbate a balance issue, so if you're leaning back going into the CBL (like you think you need to get out of her way), you'll be more so when you complete the turn and it'll be harder to recover.
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    I think of it as the difference between front wheel drive and rear wheel drive on a car. In front wheel drive, the front wheels pull the car. In rear wheel drive, the rear wheels push the car. Dancing should mostly be rear wheel drive.
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    I've determined that half of dancing is learning how to stand up straight, the other half is learning how to walk.
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    Can you please elaborate?
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    Attempting to analyse his problem without a visual, is an exercise in futility.
    There may be several determining factors, that are causing the effect.
    My suggestion ?.. find an established.. teacher
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    Thank you, everybody, my partner told me she noticed (without me asking, or telling her that I working on it) that I don't do that anymore. The fix was, to push off with a front (left) leg on 1, rather than tilting back and the let the gravity do the work for me. This requires more abs and quads engagement, so it is not as effortless but looks better from all sides.

    Again, I was able to correct this thanks to y'all.
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