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  1. Melody58

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    Oh my goodness, so many words to describe the weekend that me and hubby have just experienced, thrilling/wonderful/engaging/passionate/inspiring/exciting....and on the other side exasperating/maddening/nervewracking/intimidating just words that describe what we felt. A wonderful bootcamp for beginners (although we had done a 8 week beginners lessons elsewhere) which we are glad we did as it prepared us.
    We attended the England International Tango Festival 370 people attended all sorts of workshops with Homer and Cristina Ladas, Dario and Claire Da Silva and Pablo Nievas and Valeria....they taught int/adv. and also did show dances in the evening (2 sets) so beautiful and magical.
    Our bootcamp consisted of 13 hours in total and oh! my goodness what we covered in that time, it did help that most of the beginners had a little bit of dancing experience.So first day of lessons over with, evening milonga eeeekkkk! our very very first. We walked in and wow what can I say, never seen so many people dressed up (except on cruises) in one place, women beautifully adorned, some men in just trousers/white shirt/ and tie casually draped around their collars, all very sexy. We found a small inconspicuous corner where we felt safe, (there was no way that we felt ready to take to the floor). We sat and watched as people walked in, couples, singles.....we watched the men give a look to a woman, a nod of the head....and she would walk over drape her arm around his neck and off they would go. The room was heady with passions and sensuality oh my goodness! a couple of times I couldn't watch, some couples were smouldering. There were a few very young girls in our class (teens) and they sat near us....one turned to me and said "I can't watch, it makes me feel embarrassed" hmmm "yes". I could understand her being a teen how she felt. Then I had to laugh when her friend said to her "some of this lot need to get a room" lol! I think she was misunderstanding the concept of it all. Mind you saying that I was speaking to one of the chaps in our class next day and was repeating what I had heard the girls say "about getting a room"...his reply was "well thats what tango is all about isn't it"? Hmm! I despair of any women that who he dances with that he thinks he's in with a chance. Totally wrong attitude sunshine!
    Back to the evening, lots of lovely music and the live music we had Otros Aires, now not to everyones taste but we loved it.

    After a nights sleep and the feet had been soaked, off we went for our next class, our teachers were so impressed that they moved us on at a pace and we soon were learning, womens ganchos (but as informed only occasional use)....I loved learning the giro/molinette going in and out of ochos....oh and we learnt to dance milonga. We were given a dvd with lots of info on and a t shirt.....oh and also they had Comme Il Faut shoes there....wow and wow and wow again BUT don't think my back can take them yet the height of heels that is. though they did have some 3" heels which is what I wear at the moment...darling hubby said I could "buy" a pair if I wanted but the price £125.00 hmmm! maybe a bit later. So class was due to finish at 5.30pm...now don't laugh by 3.30pm ish...I was totally done my poor feet were wrecked...aching/red/swollen you name it they were it. I hobbled over and sat down, tutor came over and understood perfectly, some men couldn't understand it my reply was "you try dancing for 6 hours odd in these shoes" they glazed over.

    On a change of subject it was very interesting when dancing with men other than hubby how different everyone was, some things I could do better with hubby than others and vice versa....there was one sequence that I just couldn't get hold of as I just could not feel what the man wanted me to do, the tutor told me to shut my eyes and yet again another WOW!!!!!! moment, every slight movement for ochos...walks or whatever I felt......absolute magic...I was tango dancing.

    We are both totally whacked today, just vegging out as they say and relaxing. But so so totally hooked and in love with this dance. We are going to try and put some lino down on the floor in the garage as we have space, we have been on Amazon and purchased some CD's.....we are primed and ready to go forward and just learn and learn and dance and dance and dance ............................................. x
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  2. dchester

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    It sounds like you are hooked. Welcome to the dark side.

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  3. jantango

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    What you describe could give the impression that tango is about learning lots of steps and sequences to memorize (pity your hubby) and then try to navigate a crowded floor, that tango is about beautiful shoes and clothes, etc.

    Start with the music. Embrace it. The music is your partner. Then you'll find your dance in you.

    You didn't see social tango by the teachers. Please forget the ganchos! They are for show on stage.
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  4. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    Wan't it you who was asking a while ago when you would be ready to go to your first milonga? Looks like you've been there.

    And sounds like you really enjoyed yourself.

    And, as I always write when women wonder why guys avoid "close embrace," imagine how those young guys feel about it.

    Yeah. Friend of mine had a least several pairs. Beautiful shoes. And I hear they are good for dancing, too.

    While I agree with Jantango on ganchos, people do them when social dancing. Just once, I would like to see someone use it to catch some accent in the music, or even just see the right dynamic between the two bodies at work.

    If you can find an instructor that emphasizes the "feel" part and builds on that, keep them!
  5. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    Just do what makes you happy and be careful for others at the dance floor. :cool:
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  6. Melody58

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    As a beginner and total newbie I thought I would just write and share my experiences with what I felt and saw. Of course I know and understand that it is more beautiful for a couple to do even just walking to a beautiful piece of music and if they do it beautifully it looks wonderful than a couple doing lots of moves that look ugly....we had this all explained to us and we have both taken all this on board but please.....we are beginners....this is a total new world to us and yes, it was lovely to see people "make the effort" to look nice and dress up. In the world of "jeans" today nobody bothers, people look dowdy and unkept. Lots of people get up in the morning and throw on the first thing they see. And as for (pity your hubby), we have both decided tis better also to just do a few moves and as I put do them well, not only that I would not want the dance for him to be thinking "Oh duh!...what can we do next".....we both want our dancing to flow and look effortless but we know that is going to take time and hours and hours of practice.

    But there is one thing, and I know beautiful shoes won't make a good or beautiful dancer......but.....I know that when I put on a lovely pair of shoes well ....its that women thing.....like handbags:) different strokes for different folks I suppose.

    Actually as for the ganchos....personally I don't like or admire the move.
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  7. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    Glad you had a great time! There is nothing wrong with your experience, it's good to be excited. ;)
  8. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    btw, I'd consider writing down the things you learned. It helped me a lot to have notes later on; it's impossible to absorb everything from a boot camp or festival environment.
  9. tangobro

    tangobro Active Member

    Thank you for sharing your experience & your feelings about the event.Your experience in your community may not be (will probably not be) the same as someone in Buenos Aires who regularly frequents a few milongas in that community, but yours is no less a part of the Argentine Tango experience.

    As for ganchos, they are not part of my regular dance vocabulary but I appreciate having learned them. The process of learning them helped me to learn some important concepts about leading. I think the lessons helped the followers in class to learn some important concepts about not anticipating.
  10. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    make notes! so you can come back to stuff later.

    glad to hear you enjoyed it:)

    I shall be at the Northern Boot Camp
  11. Yogur griego

    Yogur griego Member

    It's definitely a very useful move to train your technique. Every now and then I lead a gancho just after a cross step, almost within ''the space of the embrace'', I believe that version is the least dangerous one. But I don't really understand why they teach these things so often to fresh beginners. Is it a commercial idea (these moves are ''cooler'' than learning how to walk)? Or do instructors believe that this is something a beginner will immediately benefit from?
  12. tangobro

    tangobro Active Member

    I lean toward the idea that it's commercial. For many people, it seems the intertwining legs are what distinguishes Argentine tango. Also, from what I've heard, the gancho was popular part of the social dance among some who danced in the 40's & 50's & became part of the vocabulary of those who learned in the 90's from dancers who danced in that era.
  13. LoveTango

    LoveTango Member

    You write so well, Melody, I can sense the excitement in the air and the sparkles in your eyes. I am glad that you enjoyed your time at the boot camp and welcome to the world of the tango addicts!

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