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Discussion in 'Videos' started by pinkstuff, Feb 14, 2009.

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  3. SDsalsaguy

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    Excellent find pinkstuff; thanks for sharing!
  4. dancepro

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  5. Joe

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    Holy crap that was fun! A little rueda in there too! :)
  6. latingal

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    thanks for posting that...I really enjoy it!
  7. hereKittyKitty

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    That was awesome:cool:
  8. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    That WAS awesome. Two of my favorite couples ever.
  9. _malakawa_

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    i love it. :p i even download it.
  10. etp777

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    absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing pinkstuff.
  11. dancepro

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    Just watched it again.

    What a joy it is to watch masters in action.

    Thank you again for finding it.

  12. wooh

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    Nice video. But the thread title really bothers me. "Bryan Watson & William Pino"??? I'm almost 100% sure that I saw more than just the 2 of them dancing in the video.:rolleyes:
  13. dancepro

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    A long time ago, I asked that same question to three of the best gentlemen dancers in the world at that time. Why is the men mentioned and not the great ladies???
    I asked them all separate and they all answered basically the same way. They basically said that they knew they wouldn't be were they where without the great ladies with being right there with them. They all said that their ego was to frail to let themselves be forgotten. They said that if they allowed the ladies to be mentioned nobody would never see or hear of them (the men). They all said that on the floor it is the man's job to make the lady seen. If their name was said last or not mentioned they would be forgotten because their ladies was so great. They were all very sincere when they said it and all had great respect for the ladies as I know both Bryan and William has for their great ladies Carmen and Alessandra.

    It is just one of the old fashioned way about ballroom dancing.

  14. pinkstuff

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    Thanks, pleased every-one has enjoyed it, thought it would be appreciated!! Have now watched it several times.

    Sorry, did think of this at the time but wasn't sure if I would fit all the names in, no other reason for only putting the men's names.
  15. SisterShimmy

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    I love a high octane dance and this was surely it !!

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