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Discussion in 'Event Announcements' started by meow, May 24, 2007.

  1. meow

    meow New Member

    I am assuming that most people on Dance Forums are in the US. Did you know that Burn The Floor is currently touring in some parts of your country? If your city is missed this time around, I think they will be returning to the US in Jan/Feb 2008. If anyone has seen the show, please tell us all what it is like. My son is in the cast but I haven't seen the show yet. Would love some feedback.
  2. NielsenE

    NielsenE Active Member

    [Edit: disclaimer -- just to let everyone know I've normally very critical of dance shows. I've seen world champions dance and thought amazing dancing, average show]

    I saw the show in Providence last night. Its the third time I've seen a Burn the Floor production (saw the original in 2000 and 2002).

    I was very impressed with the second act, not so much with the first act. I think non-dancers would actually appreciate this show more than experienced dancers. I thought that some of the music choices were exceptionally poor (others were quite good). For instance the opening samba was played at such a fast speed that all of the dancers looked a little sloppy. I don't understand why the directory/producer/choreographer would have put the dancers in that situation, since they looked great when given better music.

    The overly hammed up "this was your grandparent's waltz" was cringe-worthy for me, but again that's the not dancers fault, they executed what they were supposed to, but ....

    Now the number with the blind-folded follower was simply amazing, probably the highlight of the show and the one piece that really stood out for me in the first act, likewise before that half of the piece, the choreographer came up with some amazing innovative and slightly Fosse-esque partner exchanges, ie you knew they were going to change partners, but never to the one it looked like they were going to go to. All the normal telegraph, then change that I'm used to from Fosse's work.

    In general I was disappointed in the standard/smooth inspired numbers, yes the dance floor was a little small for them, but in most cases it seemed to be about 4-8 bars of smooth/standard, then spin the lady out and dance rumba to the rest. I'm not sure of all the dancers backgrounds, but most also looked much more comfortable doing Latin style numbers, even when doing a standard/smooth/new vogue number the hips,arms,lines were always very latin inspired -- especially on the viennese waltz that seemed to quickly change to a rumba using the each bar as a beat.

    Like the second BTF I saw, I feel like they're continuing to go in the wrong direction -- letting the vocalist take over more of the numbers, even giving the singers solos performances (non-dancing) on stage. I also saw two obvious flubs where the singers got into the dancers ways with their strutting around while singing. The other change I see continuing was an increasing distance from DanceSport/formation team pieces to Broadway/musical pieces. -- Where the first BTF I was was primarily show-dances ala OSB style intermixed with strongly synchronized formation numbers, this one was primarily theatrical pieces with a light dancesport seasoning. Lost of latin lines, little latin dancing.

    None of this is any reflection on the dancers themselves, who I thought were superb. Some of the other standout numbers: Tainted Love, the entire Tango/Paso set, Proud Mary.

    I wish they had done something a little different with their ending to "Turn the Beat Around" as it was mainly solo samba and a lot of strutting around.
  3. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    I'm glad to hear the feedback, as I am angling to get tickets for the Boston show. I'm just trying to figure out the seating as I'm taking my daughter and I don't want her to have a completely obstructed view -- I think the grade in that theater isn't very steep, so I worry about her having a "big" person in front of her. I will probably go to the theater later today and check it out in person. I think I went to see Phantom there many years ago and got stuck behind a pole.

    But having read your review, I'm hedging. Worth $60? I don't think my daughter will be disappointed. Maybe this show won't have the same issues because of the stage size?
  4. NielsenE

    NielsenE Active Member

    I think it depends on what mindset you have. If you want to see a fun show with great dancing, you'll have a blast. If you want to see something closer to DanceSport than Broadway you might be a little disappointed. I was able to adjust my expectations before the second act, which also might explain the difference in my perception of the two acts.
  5. Kitty

    Kitty New Member

    I've seen it in Atlantic City...
    good show,
    mostly latin though, very few standard numbers.. couples bars of standard, and then dancers switch back to latin.
    I enjoyed the singing in the show too actually..
  6. meow

    meow New Member

    The concept of Floorplay is a mixture of many forms of dance from different eras. It is designed to be 'stripped back' away from Dancesport as we know it today, to a more natural look. The audience is supposed to feel as if they are in another place and time with the dancers........Latin is dominant but for many reasons that isn't surprising. And this is a "show', not a competition. The dancers have superb technique and are competition champions. The following is from the Burn The Floor website:

    Burn the Floor combines the incredible talent of the worlds best dancers, spectacular costumes and music, a collage of dance styles including salsa,
    rumba, cha cha and tango all with a sexy, modern edge.

    Burn the Floor presents Floorplay builds on the raw and sizzling soul of dancing and the
    physical chemistry that dance ignites.
  7. NielsenE

    NielsenE Active Member

    I stand by my critique -- amazingly talented dancers, but the choreographer/producer missed the mark.

    The "extras" on set tended to distract from the highlighted couple(s) rather than establishing a mood/period background. The large amount of choreographed solo work made it look like a Broadway full cast number, not a more natural/organic version of dancesport.
  8. RIdancer82

    RIdancer82 New Member

    I also saw the show in Providence on Wednesday night. I very much enjoyed the show and thought it was definately worth it to go, however, I agree with much of what NielsenE said.

    Opening number was a great song...but it was played far tooooo fast, and I'm sure that was apparant to a decent number of non-dancers as well.

    I also wasn't thrilled by the "your grandparents' waltz" piece, not because of the dancers, but the piece in general didn't really do anything for me.

    With the exception of the blindfolded follower section (which was HOT!!) the first half seemed to be lacking alot of emotion and passion. The second half improved greatly on that!
  9. meow

    meow New Member

    "I stand by my critique -- amazingly talented dancers, but the choreographer/producer missed the mark."

    Don't get me wrong, as I said, I haven't had a chance to see the show. And all feedback is good feedback, as in constructive. Unfortunately, I am not the choreographer and I don't know if he knows this site exists.
    I did see BTF last year in Melbourne, which was a different show and my son wasn't in the cast. I totally enjoyed it and it was far better than spending 10 hours at a comp, which I had to do for years. But I do recall something in the show that I thought was too fast - I remember thinking that any faster and the dancers wouldn't be able to keep up.
    I accept your critique but wanted to make it clear that it wasn't supposed to mirror Dancesport, as such.
  10. NielsenE

    NielsenE Active Member

    Then it would be nice if the narrator didn't keep saying "This isn't your parents ballroom; this is DanceSport of the future"... I think it was repeated at least three times throughout the show.( I might have a few of the nouns wrong... grandparents v parents, DanceSport v Ballroom, I think they used each at different times.)
  11. meow

    meow New Member

    As I said, I haven't seen this show, so I don't know what they say. I only hoped to get some feedback. I can only comment on what I have read in reviews and on their site. The reviews I have found on the internet have been brilliant.
  12. 9dncr

    9dncr Member

    OOO when is the Boston show? I want to get tix!!!
  13. mamboqueen

    mamboqueen Well-Known Member

    Today @ 2 pm is the last show; it's at the Wang Theater in Boston (Tremont Street).
  14. 9dncr

    9dncr Member

    HUGE bummer I missed it! I wonder if it is playing anywhere else that is somewhat local to Boston so I can gather up some tix/....Anyone know?
  15. meow

    meow New Member

    Sorry, but you have missed out this time. They are now off to Florida, then Kansas and lastly Denver before flying home for a short break. As I understand it, they will be returning to the US early next year although I don't know which states/cities as yet. The rest of this year is Perth (Australia), New Zealand, Singapore, China (and other Asian countries) and then Europe. They are then home for the Christmas break, with some competing in the Aust. Dancesport C/Ships in the IDSF Open events (early December 2007.
    Did you know that the 2008 World Latin Championships are being held in Melbourne, Australia?

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