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Discussion in 'Videos' started by jantango, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Learning is a prerequisite to dancing, and of course in the broadest sense there is nothing else in tango besides 'steps' and 'embellishments' (the latter being optional, the former, of the essence).

    Everyone has to learn the fundamentals of tango, one way or another. After a while, you come to realise that at least 80% of what social dancers do when they dance is to combine and recombine the fundamental elements of the dance: its distinctive actions and vocabulary, in a variety of ways. For some, that way is formulaic, rather like a tourist in a foreign land using a phrase book, and for others, the language of the dance is fully assimilated and then spoken fluently. Most people start with a certain amount of structure and move towards a more improvisatory way of dancing, later. This is normal, and for many, it is a necessary path to progress. Others catch on to the idea of freedom, underpinned by the grammar of the dance, more quickly, and for them learning moves and figures is distracting and ultimately unhelpful. We are all different, and have different learning needs and styles.

    Only a few will ever become regular social dancers, and a smaller number still, will ever be any good at it. Tango is many different things and has many different faces. The only exception is if you want to dance in a particular place with a particular group of people. There you must conform - it applies to very few of us.
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    BRAVOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO super like!! could not have said this better my self
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    GOOD!!! regional variety is good variation of movement is good other people from other cultures adding influence is good

    nuevo tango only occured out of a desire to vary the otherwise established ( insert rigid, stodgy, elitist ,purist authentic, any word you want here ) view

    in the purist sense only a native born argentine person should dance argentine tango all the rest are bastardizing it.. i dont agree with elitist views in any dance form.. even ballet:eek: ( which is wayyyyyyyyyy more elitist than AT i might add)
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    There actually is something I donĀ“t like: unerotic transparent skirts with a stairwell window ! I miss that Mimi Pinzon era.
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    But even in a ballet there particural schools.
    I was told that there was Russian and French school. I am not into ballet at all.

    Eventually every person has it's tango style.
    And that style depends on the person dancing with and the night how he feels.

    Dancers are humans, not robots. ;)
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    Your OP said, "Would people want to learn tango after viewing this video?" Which is it...are you concerned about driving people away or pulling them in? How elitist can you get? I'm sure it's very lovely for you that BsAs has such a huge Tango community that you actually don't care if new people come in. In many communities, that is not the case. We need to continue to bring in new dancers all the time in order to maintain the health of the community. Perhaps you're just jaded because you're tired of your milongas being over-ridden by tourists. I don't know, but your attitude is much more of a turn-off than any exhibition I've ever seen.

    As for your remark about music, I've known several people who were drawn to Tango because of the dance but actually didn't care for the music. Some of them liked nuevo but not traditional. Over time, they grew to love the traditional music and are now wonderful, wonderful dancers. Our community would have missed out on those people if they were told they don't belong because they didn't care for the music.
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    LMAO yep.... is it up down down or down down up LLOOLLL
  8. Mr 4 styles

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    this attitude make me see red:mad:
    "if you havent been to BsAs"... blah blah blah been there.. took lessons ...liked it alot wont get hung up on the elitist part tho

    just want to dance it.. and i dance EVERY style of partner dancing ( well except lindy:oops:)

    milonngas were cool in BA so when in rome.. but just as happy to dance AT here in the US with out all the "traditions"
  9. Bailamosdance

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    If tango is a true social dance, then telling people there is only a right way to dance it seems a little disingenuous...
  10. Mr 4 styles

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    we need a thumbs up imoge!!

    agree also...your experience in the salsa club mimicked my own awhile back in LA at that "restaurant" i was telling you about... as a white guy.. STRIKE ONE!!.. but i dance at least 4 styles of salsa.. so i mixed and matched and guess what.. all the ladies were happy.. the definition of social leader success!!
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    And why is that bothering you so much?
    Were you asked or did you preach?

    People see what they are able to see.
    I just say what I see and try to broaden others perspective.
    And only after being asked. :)

    People are driven by various things, and as long as they enjoy and don't hurt others I am fine with that.
    And even those who dance for years have their own personal dances. ;)
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    What's wrong with Lindy? o_O
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    John Lennon, when asked what he listened to on the radio, said famously that he never did. He was an artist - did Picasso go to the local museum to check on what the other artists were doing? Dance is the same way. The innovator or the visionary is often pilloried becuase she dares to see outside of the ever tightening box that ensnaers the slaves to tradition.

    Now, fyi, what I dance is a competitve style and we are judged mercilessly not only with othrs on the floor but also against a standard and vision that a juge see as what the 'best' is in what I do. But it is no social, and our true expression pops out of this box irregardless - we can't help it. It is great to lose yourself in the minutiae of your passion but please realize that the casual observer or the interested beginner is looking for quite a different experience.
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    nothing im just old LOL:confused:
  15. Mr 4 styles

    Mr 4 styles Well-Known Member

    agree as you know i compete as well but across many styles over the years i also love social dancing and wear a completely different mental "hat" when i do that
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  16. LKSO

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    It just came up during conversations after they mentioned that their husbands don't dance tango because they complain that the women in classes (hint: their wives) back-lead so they aren't really leading at all. Their own husbands won't dance with them and they expect to get dances at a milonga?! Some of them have told me explicitly that they can't get dances because they aren't good enough because they don't know many embellishments. They think knowing embellishments makes them a better dancer. They asked the teacher to include embellishments in his classes and he complied.

    So they keep going back to his classes. He gives them what they ask for. Then they go to milongas and can't get dances. And they think it's because they need more practice with embellishments. So they go back to classes asking for more. It's a pretty sad cycle... (BUT THE PERFECT BUSINESS MODEL!!!)

    I simply pointed this out to them. Their reply? They aren't very good because "it's hard to practice because we need dance partners to practice our embellishments."
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  17. twnkltoz

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    Sigh. Said teacher needs to spend some time talking about what makes a good dance partner and how to become more popular.
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    The first Argentine teacher I had a class with said there are three connections in tango; the music, your partner and the floor. I still think that sums it up.
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  19. Mladenac

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    Smart move by the husbands. Let's somebody else deals with their women. :D

    As long as they don't listen there is no point of talking to them. :cool:
    And the teacher needs to get a spine and communications skills.
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  20. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    Why do delete message poster when quoting?

    A person who is really into a ballet told me that.
    What's is almost the same outside doesn't mean it's the same from the inside. :)

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