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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by SlowDancer, May 15, 2007.

  1. Spitfire

    Spitfire Well-Known Member

    I took a six week long Hustle class from a studio six years ago and I really enjoyed the class, but later found that the dance was not to my liking; somehow not as fun as doing it in the class.

    Latin Hustle, is that still popular? I've never seen it offered in classes anywhere in this state.
  2. dancergal

    dancergal New Member

    I don't count either. The music counts for me now, but I did count when I first learned both dances. I don't know the difference in &1 and &3. I just follow whatever count the leader is leading me. I've never asked a leader "are you counting &1 or &3!"
  3. DancinAnne

    DancinAnne New Member

    It's true that as follower, the count matters not... but it's easy enough to tell whether the leader is counting &1 or &3... for me, &1 is more intuitive, but I'll follow anything. If I'm leading, I'll invariably start &1 whether I'm counting or not.
  4. GJB

    GJB Well-Known Member

    Love hustle. I was also taught by Diane : )

    I posted links to some hustle video in this thread:

  5. pruthe

    pruthe Member

    Don't know if this has been discussed before but why can't we have a Hustle category at DF? Or at least an explicit reference to it as a dance under Swing category? Seems to me that there is enough interest from DF members to do so.[/quote]

    pruthe . . . can you repost your post . . . I was cutting and pasting some of it, and I screwed it up!
    Thanks . . . Vince A
  6. and123

    and123 Well-Known Member

    Heck yeah. Where do you think my username came from? :p (now you know!)
    I rarely read the Swing section here though, but "HUSTLE" caught my eye in the thread list.
  7. dansah

    dansah New Member

    My favorite dance. It definitely could use its own section. Popular in my area. Predominantly danced &123 here. There's even a hustle congress in Atlantic City, NJ in July. discoamerica.com
  8. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    I asked the Admins if they would add a sentence after the description under Swing . . . to add: Though not Swing, "Hustle" here too!
  9. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    I learned 12&3 originally, and I think I prefer it, but couldn't say why. Once I figure out which one they guy wants to lead (really only an issue at the very beginning), I'm fine with either one. It takes about 2 phrases of counting to re-orient my brain to &123, but after that it's all good.

    I don't find that the music is any good at "counting for me." Something about dancing a 3 count pattern to 4-beat music which destroys that usefulness.
  10. SlowDancer

    SlowDancer New Member

    Guess I'm a little slow on the uptake...never paid much attention to your username because I've always been so enamored with your avatar! It's great to see how many of us love the hustle.
  11. pruthe

    pruthe Member


    That would be great if Swing category had mention of Hustle in its description. That might prompt more people to make posts discussing it. Hope the admins can make this change.

    Thanks again.

  12. pruthe

    pruthe Member

    Not a problem. I listed a dance web site that has a detailed syllabus and video for hustle. It was the only place I've found that had such a detailed syllabus and I thought the hustle dancers on this forum might be interested. Go to nyemcheksdancecentre . c o m and scroll down if you'd like to check this out.

    I also identified hustle comp that I was interested in going to. Its Diane Nardone's World Hustle Championships. Just Google using these keywords to find web site if you also have interest.

    I really haven't focussed that much on hustle during the years I've been involved in ballroom dance. Been more into American and lately International Standard style dancing. For some reason, that's the way things worked out. But I always liked it and had a lot of fun doing it. I'd hate to see Hustle die out. I think if more people tried to learn it, it might regain some popularity. It's not easy to learn, but once you get going, its a lot of fun.

    I originally did the &123 timing (way back when) and then in the last few years tried the 12&3 timing. Both work. Just have to decide which one you like best.
  13. dancin/dj

    dancin/dj Member

    hustle is still very cool if done with a modern twist, i've been part of the new york, phillly, jersey, hustle crowd for 8 years, as a dancer and dj, some of us hustle dancers do about 10 dances besides hustle(ballroom inc) & 123 is the new york count, goes really nice with slow music, however with med to fast temp(the big shots of hustle wont tell you this) but you have to drop that count (do the patterns and moves u learned) but dance with the music, its impossile (almost) to look good with &123(since this count is NOT musical) with the 4/4 timing, the music is very diverse in hustle, old school music , new school its not limited like some dances like salsa , west coast has this same wide range with the music too.
  14. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    bit of a hard time deciphering your post, there, dancinDJ...
  15. dancin/dj

    dancin/dj Member

    could ya explain more what you dont understand? if you mean the counting deal its (at least for me) hard to explain without showing someone in person, im sure someone can expalin better in written form, but im the wrong guy for that.
  16. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    no, it was giant run-on sentence... :rolleyes:
  17. pruthe

    pruthe Member

    My preference is also to have a slower BPM in hustle music. What I notice with faster BPMs is that the synchopated back - forward steps tend to get larger (eg. during basic step) and there may also be a lean forward in body of both dancers. This to me does not look good. Slower BPM also allows for more technique and styling.

    Lean and step size can be reduced if there is a counterbalance in hands/arms/frame during periods of direction change. Relax counterbalance after direction change and reapply on following direction change. Don't want apply too much counterbalance. Just enough to minimize lean and step size.
  18. dancin/dj

    dancin/dj Member

    yes your correct slower bpm work very nice in new york style hustle. im less nice in my wording, fast & 123 looks awful in hustle, there is no time to do the & 1. just move quickly, the teachers do not say this to the beg, int and adv, my opionon is people look silly trying too do & 123 too fast music(again im part of the so called crowd and know all the big names, im one of the dj"s or was, will see this year for disco america so i know inside and out wassssssssss up) i love hustle........
  19. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Did y'all catch the new Swing Forum description, which now includes "Hustle?"
  20. pruthe

    pruthe Member

    Yes I did. Thank you (and admins) very much! Its very much appreciated. Hopefully, this will help stimulate additional discussion on this dance.

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