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Discussion in 'Videos' started by barrefly, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. barrefly

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    Thankyou everyone.
    Another question....
    Let's say a dancer would end up equally talented receiving the dance training here in the U.S. with the names listed above, or dancing with the B.A./other non U.S. names listed above.
    Do you think that this would affect how the world perceives this aspiring dancer, based on who or where she trained?


    Still, they do demonstrate the best technique, do they not? (...sorry for asking so many questions.)
  2. Ampster

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    Gee, you guys are fast! I was still editing when you replied. Here's my edited version. Oh, and you're welcome

    Carlos and Mayte are based in Seattle. Jorge Torres is based in NY. All great dancers and instructors. Jorge is the current "Dance Captain" for the touring company of "Forever Tango." Carlos and Mayte (and Jorge) are contemporaries of Miriam and Leonardo.

    For technique and foundation. In SF, try Jennifer Bratt and Ney Melo.

    As a comparison, dancing with Jennifer and Miriam in a milonga are very much on par. Each with their own distinct signatures. Both beautiful to dance with.

    The names you've enumerated above have one thing in common...Show tango. As I (and others) have said master the basics first. The choreography is easy and can come later.
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    IMHO/IMHE. A LOT of instructors include (in their resume) the big high profile names they've trained with, i.e. Fabian Salas, Chicho Frumboli, Ozvaldo Zotto, Miguel, Mario, Mauricio, Milena, blah, blah, blah... everyone does it.

    What matters (in the end) is how the dancer dances and projects to the audience. The performer NEEDS to be able to move the audience's emotion to make a difference. When this happens, nobody really cares who they learned from.
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    Of course. Impeccable.
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    I'll agree with this. My wife and I attended some workshops with them this past weekend (on the Villa Urquiza style), as well as taking a private with them. If they come back to this area, I'll definitely take more of their classes.
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    AT performances


    You cite a lot of performances on YouTube, and apparently you take a lot from these.

    In pursuit of providing you good information, may I direct you to the site of Forever Tango. Kindly reference them. Use them for you video searches, because they are the ones, a lot of show performers watch, admire, audition for, and try to live up to.

    If they are on tour, I would advise you to catch one of their shows so you have a frame of reference on what Show tango can be.

    You're welcome.

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