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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by TheDave, May 3, 2013.

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    Welocome to the DF, Tor. ^^ Did you have a comment, or were you just iterating the quote that was made?
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    Isn't it weird how you just KNOW you've typed something sometime, but it just is NOT there when you go back to check it out later? Not speaking on behalf of new person, but my brain jumps around too much sometimes, so I don't know what's where, and I forget.
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    Wth, where are you guys dancing that this "abandonment" thing keeps happening? That is outrageously rude. Definitely not the norm nor acceptable behavior.

    Totally agreed. I was way too hard on my husband when we started learning to dance. As a follow, it seems so easy... why can't you just lead it right? Several years later when I was learning to lead, I finally realized how challenging it is, esp at the beginning.

    This is one of my top ten pet peeves. If there are male students on the sidelines, the female instructors need to tend to those students before they switch roles and start leading other female students. Esp if there is more than one male sitting on the sidelines. I knew a female instructor who relished the leading role and would often go after female students even if there were male students sitting out... drove me nuts. Because in my experience (ymmv), gentleman are a lot less tolerant of sitting out involuntarily and will tend not to come back, which further reduces the number of available male leads.
  5. demoiselle

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    With me being left on the floor, it was a particular dance-style's practice party at one dance studio (but open to the public, and I think the guys who did it were NOT regular students, since I didn't recognize them). My husband was walked away from at a different school's social, and the culprit was a teacher/choreographer from a third school (that we've never been to) who was there as a guest. He also got walked away from at another school, in class, by an older woman-student--but she was in a very bad mood for other reasons, it seemed, and by the end of the hour was dancing with him happily.

    I'm not sure what is going on, perhaps a bit of bad luck. I know I'm not a heavy follower--I've checked with other dancers about that--and my husband is a perfectly good lead for our level.

    I think we ran into a couple difficult/cranky people, and that perhaps at the first social, where I got left on the floor, there are attendees who are not, in fact, students of the school and therefore don't feel any need to be nice.
  6. Angel HI

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    No matter! Rude is rude and crude is crude, and there is no place for it in what we do. I am a certified/licensed psychologist, and like to say that not much in the way of human behavior surprizes me, but the rest of your post is astounding! I have never encountered such behavior in such mass doses in all of my years in the biz. Perhaps, these persons need to be outed to the organizers, and not welcomed back.
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    demoiselle, maybe they assume that you're from Avignon and/or dislike cubism?
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    Ha! It's possible.

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