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    Try Ceroc...you won't regret it

    I have been dancing Ceroc for 10 years in the UK now. It is a great social event as well as a forum for learning dance to a modern beat. Why it is not so popular in the USA i have no idea. To me you only get out of dance what you are prepared to put into it. I was a two left feet clutz for about 6-8 weeks but then it slowly started to come good. When i change places of work i look for somewhere to swim and somewhere to Ceroc. it's a great ice breaker, pretty good excercise for 3.5 hours twice a week or more if you want it. Yes i used to be one of those guys you'd "find in the kitchen at parties" but now i'm one who "spins her till the floor smokes" ......instead of the guy shyly asking a girl to dance i now rarely make it back to my seat to mop my dance fevered brow. I am a strong lead, have good interpretation, musicality, dance to moods as well as beat and i owe all this to Ceroc and nothing else. Each evening is made up as follows. You will learn 4 basic moves broken down into their component parts and then put back together. you change partners every minute or so and it is not unusual to have 30-50 partners in one night. You link the 4th move back to the first and as a beginner you now have your first dance routine to dance an entire track to...this in itself is a great confidence booster.....ok so that has taken 45 minutes to learn....there is then 30 minutes freestyle in which you practise what you just learnt if you are a beginner (Challenge yourself ask 5 strangers to dance) ...then comes the intermediate class in which 4 more moves are learned. The absolute beginners are advised that unless they have been coming to Ceroc 6 weeks or more then this class is not for them....but fear not the Taxi-Dancers will take those beginners into a private adjoining room and re-inforce the 4 beginners moves they just learned whilst the intermediate class is taking place next door. After another 45 minutes everyone comes back together and dance probably nearly another 2 hours to great music (depending on the DJ). Everyone gets to dance...all night........the experienced dancers are encouraged to get the beginners up onto the floor....if you are good enough the venue/franchise owner may ask you to become a Taxi-Dancer...the beginners are encouraged to ask strangers to dance. It is the etiquet that you don't say no to a dance and it works very well. I've never seen any trouble at a Ceroc venue...although available alcohol doesn't normally mix with dancing so the moto there is "Don't drink and Jive" .........Take a towel and a spare shirt and some deoderant ;-).........who cares if you sweat ! everyone else is as well....and yes girls you sweat too !...you meet loads of new people, have fun, dance to great music, learn a bit of that mystereous rhythm of life called dance and you can walk tall in any dance party..........Ceroc is great just get out there and give it a try before you dismiss it.......it really is too good to miss !

    Jon :cool:
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    A post that made me join here. ¬_¬

    I do this 7 nights a weeks. Why? Firstly because I enjoy it. It get me to meet people and it helps my fitness.

    But getting to the points made in the OP.

    Musicalily - Not expicity taught in lesson granted but it's something that a competant dancer should be able to pick up on without expicit teaching. The idea of it can be put accross but why teach beyond that point? It's up to the lead to decide how the dance is coreographed so he (or she) can blend the dance to the music how they wish. Beginners or even intermediates often don't "get it" granted but anyone with a left AND right foot should be able to pick it up.

    Timing - A simple beat. Not difficult to follow. To say there is no timing would be so comical. To say a dancer has no timing will translate to that dancer being of sub quality. It does annoy me when a partner obviously can't even hear a simple beat but that's where the lead simply takes over. Of course if the lead can't hear it, then, well, the dance will simply be poor.

    Structure - Freestyle? Make it up as you go along? Maybe but it isn't THAT unstructured at all. The structure gives the lead freedom to coreography the dance to precisely how he/she wants yet the structure will allow the follower to know what is going on. Yes complete beginners can pick it up quite easily but what's the harm in that? Not that many people will stick at it if the learning curve is too steep from the off. Also once the basic are mastered, the style then can be added. All Ceroc dancers have their own style, their own movements but to the people saying there is no style in this dance, have you realy tried it over a sustained period of time? I sincerely doubt it.

    Also mentioned in this thread is the lack of leadership in the dance. What a load of rubbish I have to say. If your not noticing a follow and lead in this style then to me, you lack the very basic skills of partner dance.

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