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Discussion in 'Dancing on TV' started by lacubs, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. lacubs

    lacubs Member

    So You Think You Can Dance: Oh, Nigel Lythgoe, you are a crafty one. The dance competition's host, executive producer and all-around fun guy has been tweeting up a storm the past few days about all the "shocking changes" happening on season seven. So what exactly are we in store for? And most important, will these changes be for the better? Here's what Nigel has revealed: "Only one dancer will leave the competition each week and not two," Nigel tweets. Dun-dun-dun—wait, that actually sounds great! "Another rule change for SYTYCD this coming Season," he adds, "the partners will change every single week." Ohhh, interesting. And finally, "This Season will not have a top 20. The pieces are falling into place. More tomorrow." We're hanging out with the SYTYCD crew this weekend and plan on getting to the bottom of all this newness, but if you have any burning Q's, send them our way.
  2. davedove

    davedove Well-Known Member

    I like that the partner's will change every week. That way everyone will be on equal footing as far as partner's are concerned. Before, some had the advantage of working with the same partner for multiple weeks, while others would have to switch partners based on who left the show.
  3. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    If anyone wants to keep up with Nigel's Twitter for updates it can be found here
  4. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    My daughter auditioned for SYTYCD yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Cat Daly interviewed her and Missy taught Cat how to do the tornado. They really liked her and gave her the "golden ticket" to audition sunday. That's the audition where they determine if you go to Vegas. Missy had to tell them that she is only auditioning as non-competing partner since she is only 16. The other dancers' jaws dropped. LOL
    They allowed her to give the ticket to her partner. Good news, but not a good sign for her partner. She is hoping that they at least get on t.v.

    On topic....I think that they are just trying to stir things up to keep up the interest.
  5. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    Your salsa dancing daughter??? :) She's good, hope they put her on the audition show.

    They do need to make tweaks from time to time or the show will get boring.. just like AI has..
  6. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    Well, now we have to look forward to her turning 18 and hopefully being on the show!

    Read "bad" things about a local gal and her experience on "American Idol". She wrote that the auditions are not at all like it's portrayed on TV.
    Let us know about the rest of Missy's experience.

    (Goodness, my West Coast Swing was evaluated by Skippy Blair last weekend. I pray it doesn't end up on YouTube!)
  7. Casayoto

    Casayoto Member

    Hey barrefly, it probably won't matter this year, but there's a pretty strict non-disclosure agreement. If your daughter makes the show once she's eligible, make sure not to post anything like this or they can kick her off.
  8. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    Thanks everyone,
    She's getting ready to go to the audition as I write.
    Casayoto, thanks for the advice. I will have to remember it if and when she does audition when she is old enough to get on the show. I have a tendency to gab alot.

    She never wanted to do the show until now. She is already talking about getting back to the "Edge" (pro. open dance studio) to get her jazz and hiphop back up to speed. However, 2 yrs is a very long time for a teenager.

    I like her partner, but he would not have made the cut if it were not for her. He is
    already experiencing the "bad" that happens at auditions. If they do make it to air, I
    have a sneaky suspicion that someone is going to get "beat up" and it probably won't be my daughter.
    I feel like warning him, but he's a big boy. (29 yrs old)

    P.S. At the first audition, I met this young (20 yr old) and very attractive russian
    boy that was auditioning. I could tell that he was a "latin" dancer. We spoke and I showed him so videos of my daughter. He was very impressed. He's from N.Y. and I looked up his comp. stats. The kid must be awesome. He dances adult pro. level and the few comps he's done in the states where all 1st places but one.
    He told me that he just broke up with his partner and of course I couldn't help thinking of hooking him up with my daughter.
    The boy must have a lot of courage for flying out from N.Y. to audition by himself.

    I really do hope he makes it on the show so I can show him around L.A.

    He said he also dances W.C. Swing and loves it but has not learned Salsa/mambo. I am sure he would pick it up in no time working with my daughter. She could also help him with his disco. (are they still doing disco on SYTYCD?)....and Argentine Tango.
  9. RickRS

    RickRS Member

    Only dropping one dancer a week? Oh boy, a longer season! More dances!:banana: At least that's what I'm hoping.

    Flip side: Someone won't have a partner the next week. Or will they? Also, will it be boy or girl dropped on alternate weeks?
  10. yogi5941

    yogi5941 New Member

    I hope that the judges focus on the talent/ skill of the dancers rather than prioritizing "star quality" (which often results in very young dancers who lack experience). I think last season may have suffered due to this.

    While last season ran on television, I caught up with the Canadian show. The first season was terrific.

    I'm also interested in hearing about the audition process.
  11. Casayoto

    Casayoto Member

    They're always prioritizing "star quality" over dancing. They say that quite specifically during the audition. They have a good reason to. The best dancer has almost never won the show, which means the audience is clearly looking for something besides dancing ability. My favorites have always been the ones who have both...but my favorite never wins. :(
  12. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    I take it that you have auditioned for SYTYCD.

    Missy had a great time, but she overshadowed her patner who was the one auditioning. (decent skill but no stage presence.) Though, he does know how to make Missy look good. The cut him. Nigel, Adam and the other judge were disappointed when they found out that Missy was only 16. They had her promise to come back in 2 yrs. They hardly even noticed her partner. Very sad, really.
    Also, there was another salsa pair the went on before her and advanced to the evening audition were they announce who goes to Vegas, I think. Missy probably messed it up for them as well. (by reseting the standard in the judges minds.) She knows them too.

    What also helped her is that all the other dancers loved her as well.

    One thing that did come from all this. She now knows that they like her.
    She has 2 yrs to find a compatable partner. It will be hard finding one with her diverse dance skills.
  13. yogi5941

    yogi5941 New Member

    That's true that the best dancer almost never wins, though I enjoy when the show presents a consistently strong top 10 and a real competition for the top 4 spots (especially since we watch those dancers perform the most). Last season fell flat to me in that regard.

    barrefly- that's interesting to hear. I hope they televise the audition!
  14. barrefly

    barrefly New Member

    I don't mean to criticize her partner so harshly. I feel really bad for him. I know he gave it his best. I was looking at season 6 Vegas Expect to give it all you've got plus 20% more.

    My daughter did get her mug on youtube. (see 1:02)
    She is the one in black that yells into her phone. (she was talking to a friend.)
  15. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Getting back on topic and taken from Nigel's Twitter

    - No more top 20.

    - It's now a top 10.

    - No more choosing of genres

    - No more top 4. It's now a top 3 competing in the finale.

    - They are forming a 'dance-pool' of your favorite dancers from previous Seasons to act as partners for this year's top 10.

    - The dancers will change partners each week picked from an 'All-Star Pool.' Each 'All-star' will be a specialist in specific genres of dance.

    - Nigel will be naming the "All-Star Pool," one by one, across the next couple of weeks. They will be chosen from all 6 Seasons.

    - Only the competitors will be judged not the "All-Stars.". America votes for their favorite and one of the bottom three dancers will go home.

    - TWITCH will be back as an All-Star in the genre of Popping, Locking and Krump.

    In additional news...

    Mia's back and the judges will have more power. Mary is no longer a full time judge (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and will be choreographing again.

    Is it just me or do some of changes make you think that SYTYCD is turning into DwtS?
  16. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Yep, that was my first reaction as well... much more of a pro-am dynamic now. :?
  17. Beto

    Beto Active Member

    Yeah not sure why they felt that they had to do this. At the same time I am glad that the judges do have a bit more power in regards to who goes home after America picks the bottom 3.
  18. AMeader

    AMeader New Member

    Glad Mia is back, I really like her, and her comments are always spot on!
  19. reb

    reb Active Member

    I was really glad to see Toni Redpath out there!

    Made my day!!
  20. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Agreed reb! Now she would be a great permanent judge!

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