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Discussion in 'Country and Western' started by ctown, Jun 24, 2008.

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    I have to admit the Nightclub is a gorgeous dance to watch, and VERY fun to do. It's extremely graceful, and and very enjoyable. My partner and I did the nightclub at a club in Monroe, LA one night and got a standing ovation when the song was finished. I had just learned it, so that really made my night. The two-step ( I believe) is almost always moving around the dance floor. Of course if the floor is crouded, you should dance in place until such time as you can move forward. I'm betting he saw the NightClub. It sure takes a very slow song for it though. One of my favorites!
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    Nice! :applause:

    I used to hate nightclub 2 step because I associated it with the wedding dance instructors who'd tie up the studio music system while I practiced. But I've come to enjoy it. It seems easier to play with the music than for some of the other dances in which I have a lot more experience.
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    Since you inquired about my boot charm, may I inquire about your Username ? What in the world is that ? Duhhhh..........
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    Terpsichore - the Greek Muse of dance
    Clod - that's me! :)
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    Hey, Vulsozy, welcome.

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