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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by bordertangoman, May 5, 2010.

  1. Valis

    Valis New Member

    I like to dress smart casual, suits are nice but I sweat too much in them so I only wear a suit if it's a special occasion. My shirts are always black cotton esp. if the milonga is at night. I always bring a change of shirt. Trousers are black and I prefer natural fibres but synthetic is OK because it keeps its shape, which is especially good if I'm travelling. I'm more concerned about odor so I spritz with a men's scent (not too much) and always apply deodorant, brush my teeth and gargle before a milonga.

    In general I don't like wearing shirts made of synthetic fibres and my only experience with the synthetic wicking material made me smell bad. So never again.
  2. Madahlia

    Madahlia Member

    Some of those wicking shirts made for outdoor pursuits have a reputation for smelling bad. Style-wise they wouldn't be suitable for tango either.

    Polyester cotton shirts are a good compromise, they look like cotton, stay crisp, don't need ironing much and dry fast.



    There is no male body shape that is flattered and enhanced by the wearing of a bomber jacket. I might make an exception if you were a member of the paratroop regiment about to embark on active warfare but most milongas do not require full military kit.

    That's more like it. But they're cheaper in the charity shop and just as good.

    Go with your instincts!

    Oh....erm...yes, quite....it took me absolutely HOURS of doing nothing very much to produce this artless, nude-look, naturalesque, heroin-addict chic, bare-skin effect, I assure you it's all the rage in my house.

    Whoever left that pink stain it certainly wasn't me.
  3. dchester

    dchester Moderator Staff Member

    What brand was it? I've used both the Under Armor as well as the Champion brands (golf/polo shirts). They both worked as advertised, and they caused no odor (at least not for me).
  4. Oldgeezer

    Oldgeezer New Member

    In Standard many dancers wear vests under their shirts to soak up the sweat, "
    "there again they can only absorb so much".

    I like to "dress for the occasion", from casual linen shirt (grandad collar) linen trousers, "never shorts or flip flops" to long jacketed woollen suit and shirt with open wing collar plus vest "undergarment".

    I'd leave the jeans for the youngsters "nothing wrong with them" I just couldn't carry them off!
  5. Valis

    Valis New Member

    I don't know what brand it was, dchester, but somebody gave me a replica soccer shirt at a promo event. Now sports replica shirts are a style disaster in themselves so I had no business wearing one in the first place (it wasn't at a tango I hasten to add). Normally I wouldn't be caught dead in one, but it was free and I quickly learned my lesson.

    A vest, or undershirt just makes me sweat more.
  6. Angel HI

    Angel HI Well-Known Member

    In dance, as in life, clothes don't make the man, but they do help to define him.

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