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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by pygmalion, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. corvettefreak80

    corvettefreak80 New Member

    Help......I need help with rap/ hip-hop/ club dancing

    Hi. I am new to the forum. I have been reading all the info of the posts on club dancing. I have learned a lot. Here is my delima. Awhile ago I tried to dance in a club and made a fool of myself. I am no good at this dancing. I have taken classes with my girlfriend for formal dancing like the Waltz and others, but this is different. I read that I should take salsa. I can pick up rhythm. I can even move my hips to the music. It still feels mechanical though. I am practicing. I dont have any idea what I am suppose to do with my arms while dancing. My girlfriend likes to go dancing. She knows that I am insecure about dancing. I want to get decent or even good. I want to go out with her and surprise her. Anything that means a lot to her, means a lot to me. If anyone could inform me of what I am suppose to be doing with my arms while I am in a group of friends dancing by myself and also what I am suppose to do with my hands/arms while dancing with her. Any other advise is welcome. Thanks so much for any information. It is much appreciated.
  2. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    Taking lessons will help. Everyone feels "mechanical" at first. Hip hop is funky & cool, salsa is suave & sexy. Take your pick, or just do BOTH! Whereas the hip hop arm positioning can be pretty much anywhere(although I don't care for that "mummy look" when they are just hanging lividly by their sides), salsa guys have their arms(palms down, no extending pinkies, PLEEZ!) at ribcage level, ready to easily connect with their partners.
  3. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Hi corvettefreak80. Welcome. :D

    btw, have you seen the reviews for the 2005 Vette? Holy smokes! That's one sweet vehicle. 8) They redesigned it majorly. AND they lowered the price a bunch from the 2004 model. :idea: :roll: :lol:
  4. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    My husband wants that one, Pygmalion! :roll:
  5. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Not just your husband. I want one, too. :lol: The previous design looks masculine to me, but they've refined the shape a bit this year and rounded things just enough to make me really like it for myself!
  6. SwinginAngel

    SwinginAngel New Member

    I have a similar problem. It really hit me last night. I have pretty much avoided contemporary dance scenes but last night I went to my school's dance. A lot of hip hop was played. I find it so hard to dance to. I can move to it. I feel comfortable moving my body but after about twenty seconds into the song I get bored. There isn't enough change in the music, enough sounds to play with. It feels so repetitive. And I miss having a connection with a partner. Sure, you can have a partner during those songs but you probably won't have the connection which enables you to play off each other.

    I even watched other people to see what they were doing. They weren't doing anything I am not capable of doing and it still looked as redundant as it felt. I didn't feel any awe in watching them like I do when I go to any social dance like swing or tango.

    Does anyone else feel this way?
  7. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I kinda like solo/freestyle dance, but I can see why you might not, SwinginAngel, especially if the partner dance connection is what you enjoy most. To each her own, I guess. *shrug*
  8. alvaro

    alvaro New Member

    i'd like to dance hip-hop too so, which videoclips -as in MTV- would be good to watch and maybe get a few ideas/steps/moves/styling ...?
  9. dxxx1

    dxxx1 New Member

    help dancing at a club

    hey everyone
    well heres the problem
    my friends always go to clubs but i have no idea how to dance
    i see guys just staying in a little area rocking out to themusic, but i cant even do that, i dont know "what looks good" or have any idea of how to move my body to just go with the music...pretty pathetic i know :) ......does anyone have any suggestions, or "styles" of dancing they do when at a club with techno music playing? any help is greatly appreciated
  10. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

  11. dxxx1

    dxxx1 New Member

    thanks for posting those links
    i read over them
    and i guess my next question would be, what type of dance do you think i should take lessons for? something thats very basic and a good basis for more advance classes to come?
    im in NJ if anyone knows any good studios
  12. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Welcome dxxx1!

    Hip hop classes would be a good choice.
  13. lil.riceboi

    lil.riceboi New Member

  14. dxxx1

    dxxx1 New Member

    hey, thanks for the tips
    but im l ooking for tips on just...dancing to techno music, moving to the beat....moving shoulders, what to do with your legs, moving your head around,whatever i do looks really stupid lol and everyone else looks very "fluid" in motion and can move to the beat really well
  15. Plutoburn

    Plutoburn New Member

    Club Dancing

    Can anyone share some basic/generic moves I can use on techno/trance/house music?
  16. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    WElcoem to df Plutoburn. I don't know any but I cannot imagine there aren't some people here who do. Do be patient though, as weekends are usually slow. (Everyone is out dancing.)
  17. gte692h

    gte692h Member

    everything i've learned so far is by watching and imitating. I know its instinctive to somehow know every move in the book before stepping into a club, but i've found watching and imitating is the only way to start. don't be ashamed of your body, or how it moves when you start off. accept the fact that your body moves the way it does. you don't have to like it, but it helps to accept it and then dance. you will improve eventually.

    when i'd go to clubs that featured serious trance/house music ( not the stuff they play in hip hop clubs as a sort of 'break' or 'intermission'), I'd go out to the back and look for the people with the glow sticks, and just imitate them.
    I guess the essential idea is to move your hands to the pace of the music. not necessarily the base, or the loudest beat, but the little stuff in between. treble, melodies: that's what i move my hands to. often, i'd see dancers doing a lot of hand movements with little glow sticks. imagine having a little ball in your hands, and you move your hands around this ball. and now imagine the ball going all over the place, and you're still trying to cover it with your hands.
    its real hard to put in words.. i started off mostly with the hand movements. as for the feet, i just did simple side steps, or an occasional turn. most of the action was in the hands.

    the key is really to get comfortable doing whatever you feel, to the music. eventually, you get more fluid and stylish, and you come up with feet movements. like i said, the best way is to go up to the people with the little glow sticks, ask if you can borrow them, and sometimes they will even show you how to move them. although glowsticks might have a bad connotation ( drugs, raves, etc ) i've seen that they help with hand movements because you are essentially creating a little light show for people around you. and when its dark on the dance floor, with some awesome dance music, its a great feeling. eventually, you'll see your feet and hands starting to move in sync, naturally.

    If you were looking for club moves, rather than a more individualistic style, i'm not sure.. i just go up to the girl, and start moving with her, swaying my arms a bit. i know a bit of salsa, so i turn her around a bit, or spin myself. ultimately, its about getting closer and closer to her. and getting her to match your rhythm, or vice versa. take your time. and be prepared to be rejected.
  18. Larinda McRaven

    Larinda McRaven Site Moderator Staff Member

    great answer.
  19. gte692h

    gte692h Member

    woohoo! do i get an A ? ;)
  20. (*disco*)

    (*disco*) New Member

    I'd agree with this statement. Personally, I took dance lessons when I was younger...jazz, ballet and tap. Then I began to go out to clubs....if you like dancing it will come to you after a few hours of watching and listening to the music.

    I'm a fan of house music, the more funky the better. And breakbeats...I find they are very sexy to me. I like thick basslines and female vocals too...There are MANY different styles of music out in the electronic scene. They are all awesome to listen to...and dance to.

    If you want to explore music check out ....

    Personally, this make me uncofortable when someone does this. I've been approached and complimented, as well I've been approached to ask how to teach people the style of my dancing. I doubt I could teach it, is so ME, its so individual to me...and its my soul speaking through me...listening and responding to the music.

    To dance alone at a club is not a big deal. If you live somewhere where its not safe, or you dont feel with friends. But take what you know already and listen to the music and you'll find a style. :D

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