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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by genEus, Sep 7, 2005.

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    A - No one should have to care if they don't want to. But, if it's about the newcomers, let's not confuse anyone into thinking dancing with no expression is cool and acting like a robot is advanced dancing and part of a "culture." Because that picture is not accurate, thus my reason for my point. :wink:
  2. africana

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    "truly advanced" "more advanced" "pattern advanced" who really cares :lol:
    as brujo pointed out "advanced" is subjective

    the most important thing IMO is that newcomers in a scene can watch dancers and see the heart of the salsa culture i.e. vibrancy, excitement, passion executed with technique that ensures that partners and other dancers around said "advanced" don't get hurt. And in watching these "advanced" dancers the newcomers get excited about learning how to dance, and find good role models for all aspects of dancing, including feeling free to express themselves, contributing more positive energy
  3. SalsaAmore

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    Yes and let's not forget....'s all good :wink:
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    We're saying the same thing. You'd be surprised how many budding dancers imitate these mannerisms because they had expressionless role models, they bow to the need to fit in and be "cool" (yes just like high school :lol: )
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    Looking cool is like looking sexy: you try too hard, you just look like an idiot.
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    (Taking notes: Must look cool while dancing like a smiling robot.)
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    Do not speak. Just do and be. :wink:
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    Huh? :?
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    *snerk* :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Deep man. Deep. :roll: :wink: :friend:
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    Note to self: Steal Tacad's notebook.

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