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Discussion in 'Dance Articles' started by anntennis, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. anntennis

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  2. dbk

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    It's painfully clear that Carrie Ann and Bruno know little about ballroom (and Len... well, it's clear that he is functioning as a TV judge).

    The thing that really, really grates on me is when Carrie Ann complains about "lifts," as if this is some incredibly strict rule of the ballroom world. I feel like she clings to it trying to be a "stickler" for "ballroom" rules... ugh.
  3. Bailamosdance

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    Yeah, we were blown away (NOT) when she was going to 'judge' our USA Dance Nationals. There was such a protest (the Publicist for USA Dance promoted Annaba's 'expertise' for a while before creating a fake 'award' to justify her presence...) that she was demoted to honorary status, much to the relief of the competitors...
  4. SDsalsaguy

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    The fact was that she did not have the necessary qualifications to be on the judging panel, and that leaving her there would have been a blatant violation of the organization's own rules.
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  5. Susan Pierson

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    Can anyone tell me how to keep breathing while dancing. I've done yoga and never had a problem with my breathing, but dancing its like a stop. I know it probably comes with practice, but any helpful suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  6. bia

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    This question would probably get more responses in a different thread. Here's one suggestion: Doing a search should find you more. Good luck finding an answer that works for you.
  7. Wolfgang

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    Susan - Not to worry, your body will remind you to breathe eventually.
    OT - Confused? No. Scoring on DwtS is crystal clear.
    Carrie-Ann likes shirtless men (with visible abs and steroid shoulders, naturally) and those of certain backgrounds. 'Woohoo! That was...(thud)' Bruno likes hot guys. And girls. Sometimes. 'Yeah baby! Raunchy! Do it to me, baby!'
    Len takes enough happy pills to make himself overlook the fact that the show is a sham that has as much to do with ballroom dancing as an Orca has to do with peanut butter and scores the way he does in an effort to keep those on the show who do not completely suck out of hold, hoping that a largely ignorant audience will get the hint.
  8. Generalist

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    The "real world" has nothing to do with these shows. They are all about entertainment and ratings.
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