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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by emb, Feb 7, 2016.

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    Knowing that justifications and such happen in instances- just pointing out the obvious. We make excuses- in this case, the 'connection' for the purpose of enhancing the dancing- whereas, that may not be the real issue. No judgement here...
  2. emb

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    RiseNFall & fascination, thank you for your replies.

    Actually I got him a card and he didn't even notice until I showed it to him (he was passing right by it all day. And he is not much of a sweets eater (but I am! I wanted chocolate dipped berries!) I've been very nice to him, cuz, well, he's sick... and I didn't go to any of Valentine dances because 1. he's sick and can't go. 2. I didn't want to go to a dance by myself (esp. today's) and send a wrong message, to anyone, I figured. Before he got sick I was planning to give him my brand new burlesque/lap dance o_O routine for V Day but well, he's sick, so... He did tell me he's sorry that we couldn't do anything for V Day. These words and thoughts from him, are actually more than usual... lol I know this might make you worry but neither of us is really affectionate kind of people, and we're just fine this way. Went through 21 years of ups and downs and came out all right. But since I'm on the edge (no, not really but how can I say it) I have to make extra effort to get closer to my hubby. How? Burlesque routine!

    I understand what you're saying about taking it too serious... Yes, definitely it's a hobby thing and I'm no pro... My problem is that I'm usually "expression-less" from outside and sometimes I almost look like ignoring my partner when dancing, which looks really bad and I hate it. Maybe I'm going too extreme because, if I don't try so hard, I can't seem to show even a glimpse of passion and there will be nothing! Which looks bad on the comp floor... But come to think of it, I smile more at social dances because it's more relaxed? So, I guess, just let my joy come through by enjoying it... Don't overthink? Or don't be so serious. Aha!

    Sorry I'm just babbling... Thanks again for all your kind words and sympathy, it's good to know that there is somebody else went through similar experiences.
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    How about you are the sexy babe he can't have but of course wants as an attitude when you are dancing? :D
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  5. emb

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    That's it! I really needed an attitude! :p
  6. emb

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    Sorry I didn't see some of your posts before I replied to others...

    Is it that obvious? :( sigh... I have to go rethink my life...
  7. emb

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    For entertainment purpose, here is an update... my marriage fell apart soon after my last post. Hubby moved out this weekend. And no, it's not because of my teacher. Rather, my marriage was broken for a long time, without me knowing it, and that maybe the very reason I was hooked on ballroom dancing in the first place. Not too long ago I told one of my friends "Ballroom dancing is a lonely-people's sports". Didn't think of myself being one, with a husband and two kids. But anyway, I now admit I'm lonely, yet free.
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    Sorry to hear that.
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    Divorce is difficult for everybody involved, no matter what the circumstances. It will be hard at times, but do remember that you WILL survive.
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  10. emb

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    Thank you, actually I'm okay. Full of hope. :)
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