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  1. Are there any old dancers in this forum? I wonder how old dancers use Contra Check figure (in term of amalgamation) in Viennese Valtz in the time VW has only Change Steps, Passing Changes, Hesitations, Hovers, Contra Check, Natural and Reverse Turns (without Fleckerl).
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    Of course mine isn't the only application; but, I like to dance four measures of reverse fleckerls, one measure of contra check with a slip pivot, three measures of natural fleckerls, one measure of a natural turn (back half), and a closed change. "Without fleckerls?" I suppose that you could over turn two measures of reverse turns from LoD to C, then dance your contra check with slip back to LoD, and then resume with natural turns or side hesitations. Yeah, I'm so old.
  3. Thanks, can you explain me "contra check with slip back to LoD". If facing C, after CC I will drawback my LF and backing LOD, then can not do NT
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    Your example may indeed be a form of pivot, but "slip pivot" it is not. If your left foot is going back, you slip to the right. If your right foot is going back, you slip to the left.

    As a leader, you have many choices and many options. All that it takes is a little imagination and a knowledge of the figures that you have learned. One of these options is to determine WHICH WAY that you will pivot after your contra check to center if you will even pivot at all. You are already rotating to the right as you begin your exit from your contra check. WHY NOT keep that movement intact and slip to allow your body to turn to the right so that you will face LoD? But your suggestion is also interesting. You may pivot to the left to face against LoD. Since your right foot is now free, you could dance the back half of a reverse to face LoD. Or you could dance a back lock and then the back half of a natural turn. So many options. I suppose that your choices will also depend upon your particular syllabus, competition rules, etc....

    A slip pivot to the right is not something that I just "made up." A classic example would be four measures of reverse fleckerls to a contra check, slip pivot (to the right with left foot going back) and then natural fleckerls.

    I hope that this has helped.
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    Another option is to over turn your slip until you face against LoD. Then dance the back half of a reverse, back lock, etc....
  6. Thanks you, a lot of thing we can do but I wonder what is the amalgamation that old dancers used to do

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