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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by ~Destiny~, Jul 31, 2007.

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    In response to your "practice clothes" question. (I'm new so I don't want to do anything wrong here) but I am a dancer that sews for dancers so I do have some things if you are interested.

    "color of shoes": I am very fair (except for the freckles) and my instructor/partner prefers that I wear the lighter color because even when I air-brush tan myself, I'm still not as dark as my copper color shoes. But I still wear them! But it is because I love the flexable sole and am hard to fit so didn't want to guess at size on an internet site (been there, done that, ouch) so tried on at a comp. so they coud help me special order them. Only flex sole they had was in the copper color. I love them.

    Happy dancing!
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    Welcome to DF, Sewbusy!
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    Could someone tell me what the min height for dance shoes heels are for comp work. I've been practising in 1 & 1/2 inch latin heels because I messed my ankle up years ago and feel comfortable with that height. As I'm working towards comp my dance teacher suggested that I start getting used to comp shoes do I need to go to 2 inch or could I dance in 1& 1/2 heels for am comp in the UK.

  5. MrBroadway

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    I have a recording of Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" by some group (whose name includes the word BAROQUE) that is an interesting fusion of classical and modern-rhythm - each piece starts out as the classical version, but then (either abruptly or gradually) switches to modern-rhythm, complete with drumset and maracas and other modern instruments. After I first got the recording, I've always been tempted to do a double-dance exhibition/solo using one or another of the tracks (but haven't, yet). You could either use a full-track (both classical & modern), or use just a chunk of one of the modern arrangements.

    I'll post the specific album/group info when I get home.

    Also -
    I like the paso/flamenco music from "The Mask of Zorro" (1998 w/ Antonio Banderas & Catherine Zeta-Jones). For Argentine Tango, I like the soundtracks from "The Tango Lesson" (1997, Sally Potter actor/writer/director) and "Assassination Tango" (2003 w/ Robert Duvall) (you can find the movie references & info online using Google).
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    I see that my first response did not get posted yet, but here's the follow-up:

    Vivaldi Favorites "The Four Seasons"
    Flute, Guitar and Mandolin Concertos and more
    Ettore Stratta
    The Baroque Pops Orchestra
    RCA ALK1-4980 Victrola Cassette Series (1984)
    Previously released as AGL1-4368
    (Arr. & Adapted by Chico O'Farrill)

    cassette has Vivaldi's 4 Seasons as well as movements from 7 different Concertos (concerti?) - arrangements & adaptations are fusion of classical and modern-rhythm. Most tracks start as the "classical version", then (some abruptly, some gradually) add drumset and rhythm instruments for a modern rhythm beat. You could use a portion of one of the "rhythm versions", or use a complete track for a "double-dance".
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    MrBroadway, as you can see your first post should now be showing up.
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    And on the topic of music I am also looking for dramatic Paso Doble, Tango, and Argentine Tango music. It’s not extremely important, but if you have any suggestions, please do throw them in. [/QUOTE]

    IMHO, Espana cani is the most enduring Paso music. To me, Espana cani by Andre Rieu and Madrid Paso Ensemble are most dramatic.

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